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what are your guys's opinions of the mazda6? im really interested in getting one (hatchback s v6 automatic). I already know there are some quality issues with the interior and such, but from what i hear handling is supposed to be the top in its class (sedan). i think it looks a lot nicer than the honda accord.

posted by  timwoo

it looks nice, but why the automatic? manual is a lot more fun

posted by  pornking

The car is nice, still not really competitive to the Accord yet though. If you drive a 6spd Accord and then a 5spd 6s you will see the Accord not only handles better but is a bit quicker. The engine in the 6i is very nice (same unit supplied in the 3s {2.3L}), but the 3.0L Ford supplied unit in the 6s is unrefined and makes more noise than power.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I want automatic because ive never driven manual. I wouldnt mind learning, but where I live (Seattle, Washington) we have lots of hills and traffic and various terrains and mountains and whatever. not really a good place for an inexperianced manual driver i think. also i dont really want to get a car that 1/4 of the population has.... i know its really common for a reason (at least its very common where i live) but id like to be as "unique" as possible.

posted by  timwoo

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