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Hey sup, Just wondering if anyone here has tried the Turbonator system. I really dont see how a part so cheap and so basic can produce such gains as they claim. I had a tornado swirl system in my GSR and gained only about 2 HP. The tornado installs the same and basiccally works the same as the turbonator, atleast i think. Also, im thinking about writing IT to see if they can do a tech article on it. Questions and comments everyone.

posted by  Import-tuner

its been a while since ive heard anything about those tornado deals... seems like they didnt do so hot

posted by  mazda6man

they suck i have one waist of $$$$

posted by  eclipsed420

then why did you get it, i bet you wont be able to sell it :laughing:

posted by  gtr_man

it shouldnt really work... its a good idea giving a cyclone motion of air...but cycloning leaves spots with no air and the metal blade things will cause restriction..unless it add like 50hp and the restriction doesnt matter as much

posted by  4g63

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