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I just bought a Scion xB about a month ago. I love is so far. Its a 1.5, 5speed of course (the only way to go). But there is one major problem with it. It is slower than crap. I got into a little scrap race with a Ford Taurus on the highway the other day. And OMG...it was pathetic. I should have known better. Considering my veh is 3300 lbs with only 108hp. So I have learned my lesson the hard way. So i want to juice it up a lot. Im not sure if I want to go Turbo or go Supercharger. I have always loved the sound of a turbo. But have heard Superchargers produce more power. So I just wanted to see what you all think???

posted by  maddog4207

U wont make a Xb fast...even with a turbo or supercharger....but if u want to go ahead and do it....heres the diff. between the 2....Supercharger would be good at lower rpms....and would lag a little at higher while turbocharger would do complete opposite....you would havfe to throw one hell of a big turbo on an Xb to make it relatively fast....also u need to do some engine work before throwing nething like that on ur car....good luck tho

posted by  civisi99

I say go the supercharger, they work well with small engines. As civisi99 said if you want a lot of power you need a big turbo which will produce a lot of a lag especially with that small engine....

posted by  GreekWarrior

Supercharger is best, you dont get any lag, and you get instant power. Different story with a turbo, you have to wait for it to spool up, then you get good power at around 2000-3000rpm.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Turbocharger is definatley the way to go. Superchargers on small four bangers always equal = no fun. The superchargers they offer on small fours always net a pathetic 40-60hp to the crank and really cant expand much farther from there. With a good turbo setup you should be able to put those numbers down to the wheels and have a HUGE room for expansion/improvement for way more horsepower if you choose to want more.

posted by  thunderbird1100

That's an age old tale. It's all about application, if you put a too big turbo on your engine...it's simply that too big and will cause you to have lag. A lot of it comes from tuning too. A good tuner can make a larger turbo work just as well as a smaller turbo. Turbochargers these days have zero noticeable lag (especially the Garretts...again assuming you apply it right and tune it correctly) and get a wicked amount of boost as soon as you step on the throttle. You realize to on small four bangers like his you dont even SEE power until 3500-4000rpms and up (which is even a better idea to get a turbocharger because superchargers fall flat on their face where turbochargers are pulling thier hardest). Soon the turbocharger will start to replace the supercharger in the V8 market too, mark my words :mrgreen:
Afterall the V8 crowd loves torque and turbos provide much more torque than superchargers do :mrgreen:


If you cant read that, that says 397rwhp and 490rwtq on a COMPLETELY stock 5.0 (other than what you need for the turbo and the new MAF). And that's on a relatively small T-44 turbo. On that engine that specific turbo can see 700hp with more boost.

posted by  thunderbird1100


i think you need an SR! :mrgreen:

just kidding...

well it depends...but i like the idea of turbo charge better.
man, you gotta like the sound of the blow off valve. :hi:

posted by  nissanTFsx

I was going to go and get a Weiand blower from Holley for my Mustang. But now that I see those results, Im starting to think otherwise.

So lets see here, my Mustang makes 689hp @ 6600rpm and 721 ft-lbs of torque @ 4700rpm. If I were to add a somewhat larger turbo than the one you just said (T44) would it be possible for me to make around 900+ horses?

Also, blowers add around 200-300hp depending on your application, would the turbo still be able to do that and still be as reliable as the supercharger? :doh:

posted by  FordFromHell351

Most definatley it could be as reliable as a superhcrager setup, here i'll give you this website that offers many different turbo options for a 5.0 setup.


Those guys make the best turbo kits for 5.0L stangs. Remember though, if you want that much horsepower (900) you're definatley looking at rebuilding the engine with much stronger forged internals. They offer two upgraded turbos in which i think you'd be able to hit 900 crank hp with the stage II 66mm turbo but you might want to go ahead for the Stage III 76mm turbo so you can run a little lower boost for the same output. That kit is complete and you wont need to buy anything else.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Thanks. My internals are already setup for it. It was my original intention to put a forced system on it, I just ran out of money when it came to that. Now, if I put a turbo on it, Im going to have to convert it fuel injection. How much do these kits go for?

Well I guess I wouldnt have to convert it...but I think it might be best.

posted by  FordFromHell351

dude..lol..i used to have a 95 taurus lx. 3.8L V6... it had some get up and probably would smoke a little ass xB. But if i were you i would supercharge it. It would be better if you were going from a dead stop...but if you are,say, highway racing, you would like the turbo cause it can spool up fast.

posted by  rsxdude

Ya know guys he has probably already done it, he started this 3 months ago :wink2:

posted by  99integra

I know of Tauruses that can smoke Camaro SSs and Z28s. The newer ones with the 24 Valve DOHC engine. I know a couple of guys around here that race them with turbo kits putting out around 10-12 psi and a cat-back exhaust system and thats all it takes.

posted by  FordFromHell351

yeah i have seen some that are fixed up but i just laugh...cause i cant really see that a taurus that can have potential like that. but hey whatever works for ppl, i know they can run fast.

posted by  rsxdude

Yes, converting it to fuel injection is a pretty smart move. Although they do have carb kits on there (might look into that...but i havent heard of a turbo setup on a carb motor yet...). I suggest calling them and asking what's best to do.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Honestly, dont waste your money. If you want a fast car then buy or build one that has readily available performance parts and keep the Scion for a daily driver.
I figured out a long time ago that its way better to have a daily driver and then have a car that you can build the way you want it...and you dont have to worry about reliability issues. And you can build the car to be as bad ass as you can stand it.........because its not gonna be driven daily.
I dont care how much people pound into your head that a performance engine(Im talking about a true performance engine) can be as reliable as a stock engine..............IT DOESNT HAPPEN!!!!
No gas powered combustion engine with a turbo or supercharger will ever last as long as a regular non turbo/supercharged engine. It can but it will see a mechanic for minor...or major....repair on a regular basis.

posted by  norice

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