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any one got clue where to get body kit ,performance parts and more for this goodie? plz i need help this this car cant find anything no even ebay lol plz aim me for more info fox87crx ;)

posted by  fox87

Suspension parts are ewasy to find, as SCCA racers use them quite a bit. Engine stuff is harder, as teh 1.5 liter isn't as much of a performance engine as teh later B16 variants, so you might want to look into an engine swap. Body kits are almost non-existent, and you'll probably have to make your own, like my buddy Andy Barcheck did when he built his mid engine Civic...


posted by  ChrisV

Wow, that civic is frickin amazing!

You said mid-engine? How? This guy must have put a lot of work and $$ into that thing. Whats the story behind the car?

posted by  Zalight

My buddy Andy is a machinist by trade. he bought the car for $400 as a non runner, and then bought the Acura Legend V6 for $800. He managed to mate the V6 to the Civic's 5 speed manual trans and built the linkage to make it work in the rear. He built the exhuast system from individual curved tube parts from JC Whitney, then built the suspension from steel tubing, and Corvette uprights (which mount Corvette brakes...). It took him a couple years of working out of his garage to fab up all the bits, but it works VERY good.

the bodywork is steel and fiberglass (he made molds of the bumpers, then cut and stretched the fiberglass parts ad refinished them to the new width). The grillework in teh scoops of the flares are individually cut, shaped, and fitted aluminum flat stock welded together to make replaceable grilles. Even up close they look factory. In fact, other than the wheels, every bit of the car was done to look factory (he was copying the Renault R5 Turbo II).

He had a LOT of hours in careful detail work into the car, but I don't recall him having more then $10k in cash actually into it.

The car was built in the early '90s, and he recently sold it to somone out there in Washington state, I found out.


posted by  ChrisV

is this one of the guys you know from washington? cuz theres a car that looks just like that, mid engine and all with some oldschool mugen wheels

posted by  mazda6man

ok, nm, just read that part... so yes... thats cool that ive seen it... the guy lives out by me

.....small world

posted by  mazda6man

Wow, I didn't notic before but it does look surprisingly like one!

posted by  Zalight

Yeah, the car is in Poulsbo, IIRC. The pics I took were out at Bremerton Raceway, in Port Orchard.

posted by  ChrisV

i thought the bacground looked familliar... wow, i think its kinda crazy how small the world really is when it comes to things... it was actually in autotrader not to long ago... like, maybe a month or two

posted by  mazda6man

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