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I have a 1998 Hyundai Tiburon Manual, just wondering what the general outlook on Hyundais were...

posted by  Polix

*raspberry* :badrazz: i think that just about sums it up for a mojority of people

posted by  mazda6man

........but, some can be nice...

posted by  mazda6man

one of my neighbors has one. same year, in black, FX model. outside, it looks really nice. for a while, he was the only one in PR that had his flares, headlights, rear spoiler, and lips. yet, lately, people have found his spoiler and some of the flares. luckily, none of them knows how to get his headlights, and even less the turn signals. ill take a picture when i get the chance and show it to ya.

as far as performance. well, they are like non-turbo eclipses. once they start breaking down, its hard to get them to stop doing so. hes had a few rough times with the car, but mostly cuz he doesnt listen to me with maintainance. he has some sporty camshafts, headers with full 2in exhaust with no cat, a front mount air filter, and a stronger clutch. its a nice ride and its quick for wat it is. no rocket car, but its nice and they have potential.

posted by  Inygknok

We have an ;02 Accent as a cheap commuter car, and it's been great. Yes, it's cheap, slow, and feels a little like a Japanese car from the '80s, but it's comfortable, economical and you can't beat the warranty...

Hyundai's come a long way since the days of the Pony and early Excels...

posted by  ChrisV

buy 1 get one free deal was the best thing that Kia ever did. which isnt hyundai but close enough

posted by  Low Impedance

kia actually had a deal like that?!?! never heard of a car sale like that

posted by  mazda6man

I got my '03 4 banger Tib about a year back and love it. I know a lot of folks talk crap about Hyundais, but their quality has definitely improved in the past ten years or so. I've gotten plenty of looks while driving it, and yes, from some ladies that weren't too shabby lol

The kicker is the performance, which is a little subpar to say the least. A 138hp engine isn't exactly a rocket, so your only option to really boost it up would be a turbo, or headers/intake/fancy stickers if you want to dick around :thumbs:

That said, I'm looking into the Alpine turbo they have available...wonder how that sucker is...

posted by  Rane

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