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I Just Got A 92 Teg Wit 182k 4 $500 Runs But Want Engine Swap. Ive Never Owned An Import Before. Which Would Be The Best If I Feel Like Buildin A Sleeper.

posted by  kingchiba

How much do you have to spend

posted by  Import-tuner

if you want to stick tegra then i would go with either the b18c1 vtec(GSR engine) or the b18c5 vtec (type R engine) but to save a lot of money i would get the GSR engine. The gsr engine is the same engine as the type R except the type R has high-compression low-friction pistons, high-performance camshafts and valve gear, larger throttle body and single-port intake manifold, hand-polished intake and exhaust ports, and high-volume induction and exhaust system. But if you plan to heavily modifiy your car All after market parts for the gsr and Typr R are the same. And the aftermarket parts are far better than the OEM parts found on the Typr R. Hope i helped some, but if you dont care about keeping it an integra engine then you have a lot more choices.

posted by  Import-tuner

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