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Car-98 accord lx 4door 4cyl. vtec

What does the AEM V2 air intake do better than any other aftermarket air intake?

And how much hp does it add?


posted by  Accord_Man

I have 1996 integra gsr and got good results with the V2. I gained 9.5 HP and 5 TQ, great gains for the price. Its also has a nice sounding low pitch unlike most CAI. I defently recomend it.

posted by  Import-tuner

also go to http://www.aempower.com/default.asp then go to the interactive V2 demo.

posted by  Import-tuner

did you dyno with the intake to get those numbers? cuz that seems like a lot for just an intake

posted by  mazda6man

yeah i was also very surprised, I did dyno and got 9.5hp gain

posted by  Import-tuner

right on

posted by  mazda6man

Short ram AEM intake adds anywhere from 4-8hp for around 120$ while a Long ram cold air intake adds anywhere from 8-20hp for around 300$....I have long ram cold air intake and ive seen 14hp gain with some other mods done to it....also having exhuast makes a big diff....on how ur intake performs.

posted by  civisi99

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