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Hey guys, I'm new around here and I have 2 quick question. Number 1: I'm thinking about buying a '92 Celica GT for around 2 K. The problem is that I'm worried about some engine problems or other stuff like so. Do you think this a good bet? And number 2: should I get this, or a non-turbo 300, or a Eclipse. All 3 are about the same year, and around the same price (give or take 1k). Well, any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced!

posted by  Wangmiester

is that a non-turbo nissan 300zx?

posted by  Import-tuner

what kinda eclipse are you talking... rs, gs, gst, or gsx...

posted by  mazda6man

Ok, the 300 is non-turbo'd, and has 35 K on new engine....not sure if thats a good thing though. It's priced at 5K. The Eclipse is a '95 RS priced at about 4--5 K. Celica is a ' 92 sports coupe GT priced at only 2 K.

posted by  Wangmiester

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