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Are black widow body kits durable?

Who makes the best body kits(strongest and coolest looking)?

posted by  Accord_Man

veilside makes the best looking and strongest kits, they are also the most expensive. They only make kits for the accord wagon not the lx so you cant get theirs. I think vis racing makes the best kit for your car, they cost around $400.

posted by  Import-tuner

wat about for a sabb 9000 or 900 turbo '97. wats cool looking and durable

posted by  Private Donkey

havent seen anything

posted by  GUS1

is urethane or fiberglass better?

posted by  Accord_Man

i was having the same question
let me add to this thread so i don't need to make a new one
Do you know any site with a step by step of replacing a body kit?
Usually, how much a body kit cost?

posted by  bluedestiny

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