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Alright, im im lookin into maybe gettin a Celica in the next year. Just wondering on any comments on the celica, goods or bads, do's or dont. If any Celica owner is willing to help thanks, im just trying toget the real deal. D

posted by  tts2113

Overall, Toyotas are great cars. I think Celicas are a very good example of a nice import as well. However, I think you should be a little more specific- the Celica has been around since the 1970's! I'm assuming you want a newer model, in which case you are looking at a pretty decent car. The first type of Celica I would choose, although older, is the early 90's GT four. It sports a 3SGTE and AWD. The 3SGTE is a great engine (my MR2 has one), it's 200hp and 200 lb/ft at pretty low RPMs. These cars are very rare, but they can be found- there's one in my area for sale right now for $5000.
Anyway, the newer Celicas- 99, 2000-on have VERY good aftermarket support- you can change pretty much anything you would want, including adding a turbo, etc. The only real downfall, which is just a personal opinion of mine, is that Celicas (besides the GTfour) are FWD. I've driven a 2001 Celica GT-S, and wasn't very impressed with it's acceleration or speed, although I thought the handling was pretty good. Of course, you are headed in the right direction- away from Hondas!! :)


posted by  spirited driver

and theyre kinda like chick cars IMO....

posted by  SuperJew

Well,not everybody thinks so...that is only your opinion.

posted by  vwmaniac

and thats excactly what i'm saying.

posted by  SuperJew

just get a supra

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

I think if you could afford a GT4 then Definatly go for it. I would if i had the money.

posted by  Sethro

Anyway,I still agree with you that they are kind of chick cars/ :D

posted by  vwmaniac

theres a fairly new celica near where i live for $8000 there good and cheap

posted by  stringer001

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