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Considering the VR-4 has magnaflow exhaust which car would win?( This kid at my school keeps on badgering me that my VR-4 wouldn't keep up with his stock mustang GT
Who would dominate in the quarter mile and who would win 0-60? Both cars are manual. Also, which car is the better overall sports car in handling and stopping?

In my opinion the GT would dominate in all categories but I'll let you guys share your opinion

posted by  VR4Driver

I think the GT has a slight edge if you go from a roll...but if you launch hard out of the hole, the VR4 should still win...but you gotta overcome the weight issue. 3800 lbs is hard to move out of the hole.

Plus the early VR4's only have 300HP versus the later 320HP that the latter ones had...if you had the latter one...I'd say you got him cold...but...it's gonna be close

posted by  NISSANSPDR

The Mustang simply will get its ASS handed to it. The Mustang has nearly a 100hp disadvantage to it and by the 330' mark (assuming the guy in the VR-4 doesnt break the weak 28 spline axles at that point) should have AT LEAST a half a second on the GT. Stock these cars dont even compare (a 96-98 GT only did mid 14s stock with the shitty 4.6 SOHC, while a stock 1g VR-4 could do 13.6-13.7 with a great launch) and the VR-4 even has a mod on top of the GT (worth about 15hp-20hp). Tell the guy in the Mustang he thinks he has a 05 GT, because that's the only GT that would come close to beating an exhaust modded VR-4.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Dude I dont think Magnaflow's are worth 20hp

Maybe something actually made for the car would make 15hp...but not 20

And he doesnt have nearly a 100hp on him...the early VR4's had 300HP, the Mustang GT's of that year had 260...so that's only 40hp...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Wrong and wrong.

A FULL aftermarket exhaust on a turbocharged car SHOULD net you between 15-20 crank hp (some get up to 50 crank hp, Magnaflow is a good company, should net 15-20hp effortlessly on that engine). I would of said 10-15hp given it was N/A, but it isnt.

Second, The 1998 GT only had 225hp, not 260hp. Hence - almost a 100hp advantage.

87-93 Mustang V8 - 5.0 225hp
94-95 Mustang V8 - 5.0 215hp
96-97 Mustang V8 - 4.6 215hp
98 Mustang V8 - 4.6 225hp
99-04 Mustang V8 - 4.6 260hp
05+ Mustang V8 - 4.6 300hp

You were thinking 99-04.

posted by  thunderbird1100

YOUR VR4 would own his ass.....ur car runs a 13'4 in the quarter mile and is AWD so it handles better.....just guessing his GT is 2000 body style model..which runs a 14.1 E.t. if its a 97 body style it runs a 15.2....mustangs suck ass period....i dont know why u would even be contemplating this with him....your car is faster...its a fact....go on the internet and do research.....go to Car-stats.com and look up both cars...ur car would murder his plain and simple...

posted by  civisi99

By the way ive had a 97 Mustang gt....and a 2001 mustang GT...and i raced my friends stock VR4 in both cars and got my ass handed to me......its no contest....show this kid u can kick his ass and shut him up.

posted by  civisi99

Mustangs suck ass do they? You want to come over here in your little Civic Si and say that buddy??? :hi:

posted by  FordFromHell351

stock u got him by 75-80 hp and u got the proformance fart tubes so call it 95-100 basically with 100 ponies in ur favor what extra weight you have should easilly be pulled out now from like 60 i would watch out cut from a stoplight or any stand still well just make sure the back of ur car looks good cause thats all he is going to see

posted by  8G Galant

Considering ive owned 2 of them i know they suck.....and i know a mustang would beat my car....besides a 97 model. i never said anything about new model mustangs.....cuz i havent owned one...dont run ur mouth untill u read what i have 2 say.

posted by  civisi99

VR-4 will win for sho' ...well, it also depends on the driver in a way

posted by  nissanTFsx

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