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The first civic ever stock hp200. What do you guys think about it?

posted by  slvracurarsx03

Eh...I guess it's not trying to compete but w/the WRX, the SRT4, the Cobalt SS/Ion Redline...it's not that fantastic to have 200hp

I guess the only good thing about the Civic Si will be it's weight...if they keep it under 2800 lbs...and that it's gonna be cheap.

Other than that...**** it

posted by  NISSANSPDR

a picture would be good, or better yet a direct link to a website confirming this information.

posted by  Ki2AY

That 200hp was just in the concept, it wont make it to production. They will scale it down to 180hp or thereabouts for the production vehicle.

And no, the Civic Si was never meant to compete with the SRT-4 or WRX. Two different leagues of cars. The Ion Redline and Cobalt SS, however, it is directly against. In which I believe the new Si should compete with those two vehicles very well.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Here is the Webpage that you can go to check out the pic

posted by  slvracurarsx03

The current Civic in Japan already has 215HP.
Why in the US, the same car gets 160HP?

posted by  ed_7702

The jdm motor doesnt pass us emissions.

posted by  DTMBaller

The Civic Si, although we would love to see one with 200HP, will probably never be more powerful than Acuras top performance FWD coupe. The Acura RSX. Honda has to create a Civic that should compete with your average FWD imports (i.e. VW GTi, Chevy Cobalt/Ion, Focus, etc.) but not overdo it as to the point that the Civic Si will overpower and outhandle the RSX Type-S.

The Civic Si is a great car, and you should always expect some good performance from it. 200HP is great, but I don't think Honda would do that for the sake of RSX sales.

posted by  DSMer

Honda said they are toning down the production 06 Si to around 180hp. The RSX is slated to get hacked by 2007 model year, which opens up the window for the Civic Type-R to come over. Which makes sense. I can seee this happening around 2006-2007...

Civic EX -> 140-150hp ($16k)
Civic Si -> 180hp ($19k)
Civic Type R -> 220hp ($22k-$24k)

posted by  thunderbird1100

You are telling me that the Cobalt SS/Ion Redline...are going to lose/be inferior to the Civic Si...sure it will probably get them on resale, quality, and everything else...but it will lose on performance...whether it be 180hp or 200hp...it will lose to the Cobalt's 205hp supercharged engine...it will sell for just MSRP just ove 20k...dont forget...0-60 in 6.1 seconds...not even the RSX-S can say it does that

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I didnt say competitive performance wise. I just said competitive (I was talking about sales wise). The Civic Si has a huge crowd following over the Cobalt SS/Ion Redline and that's what will drive its sales WAY higher than both of those cars. I'd gladly drag (1/4 mile) or put paces around a road course with new 05 RSX-S (215+hp) against the Ion Redline or Cobalt SS and I'd bet you it'd win in both cases (although it would be close the RSX-S has a slight power and weight edge...it also has the PERFECT gearbox and now PERFECT ratios). The 05 RSX-S is loads better than 02-04...Enough to say it averages 2-4 tenths better in the 1/4 mile (Saw a new 05 RSX-S not too long back pull off a 14.68, completely bone stock and with only 3,500 miles on it) and handles drastically better on top of that.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well you're comparing lateral acceleration traits to a car that takes pride in its immaculate handling. Quartermile times, while a good way to judge performance, don't really matter as much as how well an RSX can handle compared to other compact cars.

If you've ever seen the 2004 SCCA Sport World Challenge Touring Car races you'll notice that the Acura TSX/RSX has taken first place almost everytime against the CivicSi, Mazada Protege, BMW 325i, Ford Focus, Volkswagen GTI, Mazda 6, Audi A4, Dodge SRT-4, Subaru WRX, and Mercedes C230 Coupe.

Of course they go their asses spanked by BMW but the point is that Acura takes pride in the handling of their cars. Acceleration and performance is a given. While the new 05 Type-S does 0-60 in 6.2 and runs the 1/4th mile in 14.9 @ 95mph, those numbers will be highly competetive with most FWD cars in its class. Running through the skidpad at 0.86 g will only increase the level of competition.

However, the projected test numbers of the Chevy Cobalt will beat the RSX Type-S by a few seconds and the new 2006 Civic Si is expected to hold up to everything that the concept Si has. Including the 200HP 8000RPM Redline engine and 6-Speed transmission wich appears to be nothing but a slightly detuned RSX Type-S under the chassis and body of a Civic Si. Honda may introduce the 200HP engine to the Civic Si but as the way it looks a 180HP may be more feasible to not overshadow its cousin RSX platform.

posted by  DSMer

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