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What are the comments on converting my automatic teg into a 5 speed. I want to put a B18C1 (GSR) motor into it so I was going to convert it while I swap motors! Is this a good idea and about how much would it run me if I just let a "mechanic" do it? If it's not a good idea has anyone seen any 90-93 Teg's (manual) for sale? Post or e-mail me if anyone has a Teg for sale that's under $2,000.. The shape doesn't matter as long as it's not completely demolished!

posted by  93integrason

Yeah man Iw as thinking of picking up one of these too. It'd be my first car but it seems like a fun one to work with. I just like the potential it has. I was posting here: http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=10617 about it and am still not completely sure but after seeing what a friend did with his it kinda turned me onto this car. (but still in debate about it.. any input?)
Good luck with your search.

posted by  ASH3S

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