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I'm just wondering how difficult and costly legalizing a Soarer would prove to be, if that were even possible.


posted by  username99

Go to RBmotoring and ask them. They are a legal importer. I would say you would be better off just getting an sc400 and moding it in a jdm fassion. You could buy one with a blown engine and then look for a soarer front clip. that would give you most of what you need right there.

posted by  DTMBaller

Eh...get the SC300...they are around 6-10k depending upon condition and miles. They came in 5 spd manual if you can find one...that would be great. To make it a turbo dont need much investment...around 2500-3000 should do it...if you want the Supra 6MT...then it's gonna be extra...

But it can be done...I have personally seen 3 SC300's undergo the transformation...they are mom had an SC400...sweet car...lovely motor...they made a TT kit for it...sick eh?

V8TT making ungodly amounts of HP...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

i think i was thinking of the sc300. are they the same body?

posted by  DTMBaller

yeah, sc300 is american soarer

posted by  mazda6man

Turbo Visions will be up to 8-15k cheaper.
They can help.

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

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