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May be stupid question but...

Seeing as i live in Canada and cannot import a Skyline unless it is 15yrs or older so the newer models are out of my reach for atleast 9yrs. So i was wondering if i could get a shell (All body parts) of a 99-01 Skyline could i fit it onto a older one say 90-92....Like if i took it to a body shop could they do it? Or would nothing fit right?

Like i said it is probably a stupid question but its probably my only shot of owning one because 9yrs down the road there gonna be hard to come by.

posted by  Donut97x

Well, You could probably do it, anything is possible with money. but, thats just the thing, It would probably be very expensive.

posted by  Zalight

If you are talking about what i think then its not doable. Its a unibody so you couldnt put an r34 body on an r32 frame or what every it may be, because both are unibody. if you really want the look then you might get a 240sx and do a front and rear conversoin on it. i personaly wouldnt condone this but its probably the only way to get what you want. hope this helps.

posted by  DTMBaller

Not disagreeing with you but...I would think if the car's have the same wheel base (There just mm off) and roughly the same body shape around the roof area it would work. Ah well.

posted by  Donut97x

Its more than possible but being as that the Skyline is a unibody after you get the front end on you're going to have a hell of a time converting the rear/mid-section of the car. Not only is the R32 about 15-20 degrees steeper than the R34 but it also has a boxier form. What you're speaking of would be a custom job in its own. The entire rear end would have to be custom made to resemble that of a skyline.

posted by  DSMer

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