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What kind of gas can you put in a engine when it specify's a certain type. Are you allowed to put in regular when it recomends premium? would there be any concequences in this?

posted by  kai4271

I didn't (don't) have time right now to read over this but, it should do.

posted by  DodgeRida67

and btw, i am talking about a 00 Eclipse GT .. v6

posted by  kai4271

if a vehicle requires an OCTANE rating of 87, it generally means 87 or better. Running a fuel that is of a lower octane can cause the engine to make pinging noises (known as pre-ignition) under hard accelerations. Pre-ignition basically means your cylinder is firing before it should) and can damage spark plugs, and can ultimately destroy your engine in severe cases.

P.S. it is wise to use the correct octane level. using a fuel that is higher in octane than the recommended fuel for your vehicle will not serve you any useful purpose, but will not cause damage.

does any of this make sense to you?

posted by  carls47807

yeah, this amkes sense to me. i haven't heard any "pinging noises" yet and i am thinking of switching to the recomended fuel so I don't have to fix the engine later on. thanks

posted by  kai4271

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