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Does anybody know approxamitely how much I can get selling my stock engine out of my 92 Accord LX???? (I know alot of ppl may not know this, but I hope I will at least catch one that will.)I want to swap the motor out of it, but don't have all that money, I was hopin selling the stock and puttin the money towards a new motor would help lower the burden Thanks.

posted by  Xplicit_of_lp

Ok, if nobody knows this, than how much can I get for the transmission? or both? if nobody knows, that's cool. thanks.

posted by  Xplicit_of_lp

I paid $275 for a complete, running '66 Chrysler 383 V-8 from a junkyard for a build. I pulled so I saved off of the $400 if I hadn't have. Anyway, used motors don't go for much.

posted by  DodgeRida67

$250-$300 for just the engine and maybe another $100 with the tranny.

posted by  thunderbird1100

thanks, both of you.

posted by  Xplicit_of_lp

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