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Hi just looking for a hand out. I have an 2001 Kia magenta. When the motor is at idle the motor surges. Can someone help me. also it is hesitant in third gear when accelerating. By the looks of the other posting that I have read. The only one here that truely knows anything here sound like VW-Home-Oh. Can you solve my problem. Love Tif

posted by  Tiffany

Its a Kia, of course its going to have problems...Sell it and buy an american car :thumbs:

posted by  Gibson_RockerSG

Well then an american car s gonna have problems too...
just because it's a Kia doesn't mean its gonna's all about how you treat it...not about what you have :doh:

Is your car still under warranty? I know that Kia offers like 10 year powertrain warranty...

posted by  ed_7702

Hi Tiffany. Engine surge is very common, which means there are alot of things that can cause it. It sounds like a vacuum leak to me. I dont know how mechanically inclined you are so the best way to do this is just take your car up to Advance Auto Parts. They do free diagnosis. They will hook your car up to a computer right there in the parking lot and it will most likely be able to tell you what is wrong with it. If it does they will tell you what you need. Hope this helps. :driving:

posted by  stevebro6510

Vacum it was, on the air intake. It was disconnected. The mechanic hooked it up, and sent me on my merry way. I not only thanked the mechanic at the garage but I would also like to thank you. Love Tiff.

posted by  Tiffany

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