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I'm looking around for a decent first car, one that is quick or won't have trouble getting that way. I've recently been looking into Mits 3000gt, and 94 and up seem to be decent cars. What are your take on these?

Otherwise I was looking at older integras, even 93 models after seeing what a friend did to his. They seem like cars that would be fun to get up to speed. I like seeing older cars like that, that have been modified. They're always fun.

Any suggestions are welcome.

posted by  ASH3S

What's your monetary situation? I can tell you a few cars that are fast...but I dont know how much you got to spend...

VR4...good car, heavy, AWD...some ppl love it...some ppl hate it...I am part of the hate it crowd considering the alternatives of the RX7 TT, 300ZX TT, and Supra TT...hell I'd own an NSX (one of the later year ones 290HP) b4 I own a VR4.

Early Integra models...tons of aftermarket, motor swaps out the ying yang, reliable, and cheap to buy and fix...if you want a car that'll give you all that and bang for your buck...get this...problem is...everyone has a Honda/Acura w/a motor swap...just try to be original in yours...also not ricey!

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Yes, the VR4 is a heavy pig (weighs almost as much as my last fullsize pickup). A friend at work used to race one, the cars make 320hp stock, my friend was putting out around 400 at all four wheels (which I don't personally deem as any great feat). He said the transmission would go out on a very regular basis and is extremely weak, plus the 4wheel steering system is completely baffling and basically unnecessary.

I agree with NISSANSPDR, there are a lot better cars as far as bang-for-buck. I'm personally a huge fan of the early Integra GSR (~92), I think they're really, really clean looking cars, all they need is lowered an inch with a nice set of wheels and they get me rubber-neckin' all day long (great lines for a boxy '90's car). I'd own a pre-'94 way before I'd own a newer one (unless it was a true ITR). Plus, they came with a B17 motor, there's no reason to swap that out, there's a plethora of aftermarket parts and it'll cost you half of what a decent VR4 will and you'll never have to repair it.

posted by  Bino

ah that's all good to know. Yeah I figured v4 would be on teh heavier side.. didn't really expect great feedback for that.

But more then i expected for the integra so far. That's encouraging to hear. And I'd have to agree Bino, those older Integras are nice looking with lot of potential. My plan for that car if i got it was to start off with changing Intake, exhaust, and headers. Any suggestions? hm sad to say don't think I've seen to many GS-R models around my neighborhood.

At this moment I'm looking at around 4grand to spend. It's going up gradually from work. haha not ricing it out.. well I still got a thing or two to learn before i can be abolutely original.

posted by  ASH3S

I'm not a big Mitsu fan, but if you want a Mitsu go with something like a Lancer, mainly because that's liek thew only good car going for them...

posted by  PeteBobJoe

I'd have to disagree with you about the Lancer being the only good Mitsu, as the EVO shares almost its entire drivetrain with the Eclipse (90-99), Talon (90-98), Laser (90-94), and Galant VR4 (91-92). But, beyond the 4G63 cars... I'm not a fan of Mitsu either.

The EVO 1-3 shares exactly the same drivetrain with the AWD eclipse/talon/laser from 90-99. The difference on the EVO 4-8 is they mirrored the engine/trans configuration so it's on the opposite side of the car. The motor is a 4G63 in either configuration and as near as I can tell are basically identical... just mirrored.

ASH3S you may want to check out the earlier turbo DSM's... they can be had very cheap and are a good bang-for-the-buck.

posted by  Bino

For under $4k, you'd be hard pressed to find something both fast and reliable, but it can be done (my car was $3800).

posted by  ThirdeYe

anymore suggestions? I'm still looking for a car, one with decent passenger/cargo spacer as I'll be lugging bass amps around, but one with quick potential. 2GEN integra the way to go? That's the only idea still in my head... and whatever i get my idea is still to replace exhaust, headers, and intake first off.

but any ideas are appreciated. :laughing:

posted by  ASH3S

:orglaugh: hey, maybe u should get a civic like everyone else! :orglaugh:

posted by  jdubya

lol @ the civic thing...

if $4k is ur budget, then dont get ur hopes up with 3kgt's and stuff like that. stick to something much simpler, like a 240sx, an older civic, an older dsm, an fc3s maybe......

posted by  Inygknok

3000 gts are great cars cars, but you cant beat a honda :wink2:

posted by  ciVicman

yeah I kinda lost interest in the 3kGT anyways... My focus has recently been more on the integra then anything. But that's why I'm posting cause I'm not sure...

240sx are great cars, but most of my friends that have had one it ends up giving out on them (lol in one case cause of my friends just making bad deals..) but I think there fun, just rediculously small on the inside. Most people who are involved with cars would say "who cares about that!" but I do. While the engine will probably be first priority I still care about looks and interior. (lol but I understand with the money i have i can't be too picky..) Older RX-7 isn't a bad idea..

Any more critiques about the integra and my first initial ideas for it?
I'm just curious if there's better out there for my money. I'm sure alot of you understand cause it's my first car and I'm working hard to get this money so it might as well be worth it yeah? :laughing:

(ha, ...or I could always just settle for a civic)

posted by  ASH3S

I guess I will be the positive side to the 3000GT's... Yeah they're heavy cars, but they scoot. My 96 BASE Model 3000GT pumps out 220HP stock... Compare that to the (I don't quite know the exact figure) mid 100 HP of a Civic... The only thing that DOES suck about the Mitsu is Premium fecking gas!

posted by  Metzger

Well, your 3000GT may have 220hp, but a VR4 also weighs nearly 4,000 lbs (maybe a bit more, but it's right in the range). And, the Integra probably has 140hp or so and weighs about 2500lbs. HP really doesn't matter much unless you reference it to the weight of the vehicle.

Also, 3000GT's have a rather weak transmission. I'm not trying to bash them, I think they're cool cars. But, I think for the needs of the initial thread starter, the 3000GT is not the way to go.

posted by  Bino

Weak transmission? Says who? Me and several of my friends all have 3KGTs.. and none of us have had ANY problems with the trannies... and a couple of theirs are over 250,000 miles..

Yeah my GT may be heavy.. yeah it only has 220HP ... but I was simply stating that it annhilates all the lil' Hondas... and keeps up w/ the Mustangs without a problem..

posted by  Metzger

According to the people who I know who have owned them. I know one family who owned a non-VR4 and they lost one transmission (before their daughter totaled it), it was just a daily-driver. And a good friend of mine used to race a VR4 (modded a bit), and he went through around 5 transmissions in the couple years that he was racing it (road racing). It's not like he's hard on transmissions either, he's never gone through a transmission (abnormally) on his other racecars.

Just trying to steer our poster away from a potentially large repair bill.

posted by  Bino

haha I appreciate the help. I'm not so much looking at mits' anymore. I pretty much have my eye on 2Gen Integra.. GS model. Then have some small time mods in mind to have fun with (like I mentioned before) Problem is finding one in my area.

Also, quick question, how much are paint jobs at autobody shops? Or do most of you do it on your own? (also tinting as well) Not the first thing in mind but if I do end up with somethin cruddy looking I'm gonna' wanna' clean it up eventually.

Any other comments or suggesitons are welcome.

posted by  ASH3S

If you are looking for something that is around 4k, i don't think you can find a 94 VR4 for that price, unless it's in low condition. An integra will cost you around 3-4K, and you'll have to spend some amount of money to get that up and running in the fast lane. I'm not a Mitsu fan, but the 1991-1994 eclipse GSX, or Eagle talon (TSI i believe, not quite sure) are around 4K and they are pretty quick on the 1/4 mile already. With I4 turbo, and AWD, they are pretty quick. just get bigger intercooler, exhuast, intake, and boost. You'll be quite fast i'm sure. It's just a thought i have, you don't have to take it.

posted by  TiCKD

if ur going mitsu... get a 95 eclipse gsx.. style and speed compared the 94 and down the style iz diffrent.. 1st gens r more power vehicles tho... but 95 iz the closest to the 1st gen... i prefer a 95 eagle talon tho =D

posted by  4g63

Actually, the 95-99's make more power on paper. Basically since the 2G cars run a 8.5:1 static compression compared to the 7.6:1 static compression of the 1G motors. But, the 1G motors have a larger port head, and the 90-92 motors have larger rod-journals (i.e. stronger stock rods). Also, the 1G cars weigh several hundred pounds less than the 2G cars. I personally love the pop-up headlight DSM's (90-91). I recently saw a running 1990 AWD turbo 5spd Talon in the paper for $900. Granted, it sold in a couple hours, but they're a great car if you're looking for bang-for-the-buck compacts.

Also, 95 is no closer to the 1G's than the '96, '97, '98, or '99. It could actually be argued that the '97-99's are closer to the 1G's than the '95-'96 (based upon motor reliability).

posted by  Bino

TWO FOUR ZERO S X is da way to go :mrgreen:

posted by  nissanTFsx

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