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is it hard to put a body kit on by yourself?

posted by  Accord_Man

i heard of ones where you just hook it on to the body. not sure about it though

posted by  ahoo

For you, yes.

Body kits aren't perfect. A car isn't perfect. Body kits require quite a bit of prep work to fit correctly.

posted by  -What-

what do you have in mind? what car? what is the kit made of? here is kinda an extreme example. an s13 silvia face swap on a usdm 240sx with all factory parts is very easy. all u need is paint. and i know people that have done paint themselves and it turns out great. so that could cost u the price of paint and the kit. although some do have minor dents that u might want taken out. still not gonna add to much to the cost.

then on the other end of the spectrum you could get a fiberglass widebody kit which would need grafting and paint and bondo and massive body work. i know people that have put wide body kits on e36 3 series bmw's and the kits can go for thousands and so is the body work if you get it done right.

word of advice. if you are going to do it. get it done right and pay that extra amount. because you dont want a crappy body kit with a crapy instal job. it wil look worse then stock.

posted by  DTMBaller

I have a 98 accord 4 door 4cyl lx

I was looking into a black widow 2 body kit, Black widow 1 hood (the black widow 1 hood is boring) , and im thinking an extreme dimensions fiberglass wing.

I don't know what material the black widow 2 kit and black widow 1 hood are made of. I think fiberglass.

So, how much would it cost to have this body kit put on.

P.S. Are aftermarket hoods hard to put on

posted by  Accord_Man

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