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Hey, I have a '99 Accord Coupe. Looking around online I found this awesome blue Accord that was converted into a Nissan Skyline. I love the look of it and want to try to do something like that to my car. I found the body kit, the trademark Skyline tail lights but the thing that I wasn't sure about was the head lights. This car's headlights were modified to make them resemble the Skyline's almost down to a "T". The regular Accord head lights wrap around the sides of the car alot more than those of the Skyline. So my question is what was done to this Accord's headlights to make it look like that? Was it a purely custom job or is there an actual conversion kit or something out there that I can get to make my Accord look just as good? If so, what?... new fenders and head lights? I did look around on the internet for this but couldn't find anything quite like it, help is GREATLY appreciated, thank you so much.

posted by  CorruptRay

probably just a sticker job, covering that section of the headlight

you can get em for the tops of headlights to make em look angry and such


posted by  325iSe30

Here, I put the converted Accord's headlight as my signature so you should be able to check it out. Doubtful it's a sticker job, hopefully you'll be able to see the picture and then make your assesment. Thanks.

posted by  CorruptRay

Why would you bother? If you want your car to look like a Skyline, then get rid of it and buy a real Skyline. If you like your Honda, then be proud of what it is and don't try to turn it into something it isn't.

posted by  Who?

Ok, well first off, I don't have the kind of money that I can just go out and buy the Skyline of my choice, sorry. Secondly, I don't like the look of my Honda, if I did I wouldn't be "tuning" the look of it. Also, isn't that kind of the point of a body kit; to make your car look different, perhaps more appealing to the eye. This is my goal. Nothing against whoever decided that THIS is what a '99 Accord is suppose to look like, I just think it's too plain and therefor I shall modify it's look. Whether that modification be adding a front bumper or a wing or converting my headlights to look like that of a Nissan Skyline, that's just what I think will look best. Finally this is a forum where people ask questions and other people answer. Although I do respect everyone's opinion I don't think that yours was necessary. I simply asked what was done to the headlights to make them look like that. For you to come out of nowhere and pretty much say "BUY A SKYLINE YOU POSER" was inappropriate. Someone made an R33 and R34 body kit for my car for a reason and I would like to make use of that. My outlook may have been different if somewhere in your response you had something relating to the question asked but seeing that there wasn't, my outlook on your response remains unchanged.

posted by  CorruptRay

if you try looking around on the internet you can find one for less than ten thousand dollars

i know where a bunch of skylines are that are cheap and in great condition :thumbs:

posted by  gtr_man

The intent of my comment was not "Buy a Skyline you poser". Apologies if it came across that way. It was intended to mean if you like your Honda, then don't try to turn it into something that looks like a different manufacturers car. Just seems a bit pointless to me :2cents: . By all means put a different kit on it and personalise it. There's heaps you can do to make it look good.

On a different note, if you want to do the 'Skyline look' then you will find the original xenon R34 headlights are quite expensive. I believe around US$2000 each. There may be cheaper after market ones. If you do find some, let me know.

btw...do you have a link to the photo of the car you are describing?

posted by  Who?

Yeah, I do. For some reason my sig won't stay up so whatever is up with that. Anyway here's the link: http://community.webshots.com/photo/201508535/201508535bWvHoF
I'm just going for that Skyline front look. And if the case is I haveto pay $2000/light then I am going to haveto think of something else. I'm not sure yet, maybe after I put the body kit on I'll be happy with the look. I am getting black housing headlights, maybe doing it myself, so that should add to the look. We'll just haveto see.

posted by  CorruptRay

That looks very good for a conversion.. very good indeed, but I think if you sell your car, you may be able to find a skyline for a very similar price.

posted by  Osiris

He can do nething to his car, and it would be really cool to do that,
i live here in VA, There is performance shop(vertex motorsport) i go to sometimes and they are doing maxima to skyline conversion.(almost same taillights and headlights).

posted by  slvracurarsx03

That accord-skyline conversion looks preety sweet.
let us know when you get those headlights.

posted by  slvracurarsx03

Very different look!

The lights are not the same as mine, so I'm guessing they are series I R34 lights or maybe from a sedan.

posted by  Who?

Hi I also am trying to mod my accord to look like a skyline but my problem is finding the rear lights and front lights. I believe that the fenders were also modified because there is no skyline conversion kits, but I was looking around and found the very same blue accord I also found another accord that the front was moded, having the R-34 front light the most I could do for you is give you his email address(hekstar@gmail.com) so you could ask him how to do that task. I already sent him an email, so you should do the same. also please help me find the lights. I hope it works out for you. :thumbs:

posted by  bloodasp6219

Try Diverse Motorsports .com They created A Accord with Skyline Features

posted by  bloodasp6219

Where a bunch of skylines are and are they able to be registered in U.S. for on road use or just off road?

posted by  sleeper_ hunter

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