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I am trying to find out what is best motor to put into my car. I have a 93 Accord Lx coupe, everything at this point is stock. I want to upgrade to something bigger and faster.
Is it possible to upgrade from a 4 banger to a 6 cyl. in this car? If so how difficult would it be, and how much would it cost?

I know the H22 puts out 200hp, If the 6 cyl. idea is too much, what other mods can I do to the engine, short of nitrous, to get more horsepower with out paying to much money?

All replies would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  Genosyne

I'm not an expert at this stuff, but from what I've seen on the internet, the 4 cyl. accord has a lot more mods than the 6. Check out this website, I have found it to have the best selection of parts.


posted by  Accord_Man

First off, how much $$$$$ do you have?

posted by  jdubya

about 10 grand

posted by  Genosyne

Thank you, this is very cool.

posted by  Genosyne

no problem. I have a 98 accord lx 4 cyl. and andys auto sport has everything for it.

posted by  Accord_Man

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