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Hi, I recently purchased a 1988 Honda Prelude (automatic transmission) and have been noticing that when you have your foot on the brake and you go to move the shifter in and out of park to reverse and neutral that there is a small clunk or grinding noise. It only seems to do this when you start the car when it is cold. After driving the car around for awhile and it warms up you don't seem to hear that noise. Does anyone know what this might be and if it is a serious problem? :ohcrap:


posted by  Hischild

I had a 91 camaro Z28 that had same problem.....couple months later of hard driving my transmission blew to shreds. Best go get ur transmission fluid flushed and changed...and do same with radiator fluid...seeing as how that cools ur trans. thta will get rid of any dirt, grime, or metal shavings taht could be makin its way to ur trans....and dont drive ur car hard....make sure u always come to complete stop before switching ur gears 2....just baby it and ull get time outa it...i had same problem, exept i didnt do any of the above that i should have done.

posted by  civisi99

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