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i went from a '03 civic lx to a '05 rsx premium cloth, does anyone think thats a good jump??....i love the rsx way way wayyyy cooler then the civic more fast, but is that a good jump??..........and another question what performace parts should i put into the rsx to make it faster? econmical parts would be good suggestions for me cuz i'm still a high skool student thanks a lot in advance to everyone :mrgreen:

posted by  chibi

Is this a base not the Type S?

If wouldnt get the base RSX...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

why not? i got the rsx premium with cloth ,which is the ssame as the base just has a lil less power then the type-s, when i drove the two cars there wasnt much of a diff between the type-s and a premium with cloth i feel the same i mean of course the leather is nice but thats it, oh and the 6 speed trans i guess but i live in a small city so the 6th speed wont really be used i in your opinion Gaberiel the Civic Lx jump to the Rsx premium aint good or what?

posted by  chibi

Oh doubt...there's only about 1 Civic from Honda that is worth having in my opinion...the Civic Si...since we dont get the Type R here. The 160HP the Civic Si has is the same 160HP that the RSX base has. So even if you got the best's the same as a base RSX. So it's not bad. Dont misunderstand me...

The Type worlds apart. We are talking about over 200HP vs. I mean you say you dont feel a difference....but there is...maybe you didnt feel them at low speeds...but at higher could probably feel them.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

id say its a nice move up....newer car...newer style....As for performance diff. on base model RSX and RSX Type S....theres quite a bit of diff....u just gotta get that tach up above 5500....Now i dont know what you did to ur civic....I drive a 99 CIVIC si...with some mods done to it...and im pretty even with the RSX type S's....if i had to trade...only reason i would...would be to get an even newer u didnt for performance upgrades....get intake for about 200- can upgrade ur chip....exhuast.....and upgrade ur spark plugs and wires to 8mm....good luck with everything l8ter :smoke:

posted by  civisi99

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