98 Accord. Need suspension help!

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Ok I have a 98 Accord Ex 4dr 4cyl and I am looking to lower my car but at the same time I would like to be able to adjust it back up I know you can’t adjust it back to stock but the closer the better. The reason is that I live in the country so when it snows I can’t have a low riding car in the winter. I would like both springs and shocks.


posted by  Zarroth

What about an air ride system? Lower it at the push of a button, then when it snows, push the button again and your still in business.

posted by  CorruptRay

Yeah, that would be cool but im not looking to rice out my car that much.

Thanks tho

posted by  Zarroth

Adjustible shocks and coilovers are your best bet. Airbag suspension would work just cost a bunch more.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Your best bet would be an air ride system but if your pocket book is limited you might want to look into some adjustable shocks. Like Tein They usualy have realy good products

posted by  JDMprelude92

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