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My name is Albarr & i've been driving Honda Civics for all my life. I always wanted to get my hands on an eclipse or a talon but i never got to know the exact differences between them so i joined these forums bcoz ive read some forums which were pretty helpful.I wanted to know the exact differences between an Eagle Talon & Mitsubishi Eclipse 2g. What is prominent when u see the cars is the tail lights & rear bumper. But this is the case with the 95-96 models. The 97-99 Models are completely different from each other when it comes to comparing them visually.

- Now that was my observation but what the question really is that do the 2 cars have the same things put under the hood or is there a big difference in their technology & parts??

- The second thing is if they have the same parts then the Eclipse perfomance parts should fit the Talon.

- My budget is only permitting me to buy an ESi . The prices for the base model Talon range from $4500-$13000 CAD. The eclipse base model starts from $11000-20000 CAD. So im left with the choice of FWD 140HP Talon. I might even end up with an automatic the way things are going.

- I'm basically interested in the Exterior/Interior Upgrades bcoz i never got to do this stuff previously. In the perfomance upgrades i might add up an Intake & an exhaust & header & bla bla bla. Can the 95-96 Eagle Talon front & rear ends be converted to a 97-99 Eclipse rear?? If this can be done does anybody have any idea how much it would cost??

I wuld be very grateful if somebody could help me out in this situation. I have one month to finalise my plans & make up my mind. I am a student too & work in the evenings so would an auto be a good option or a manual. I am basically a manual transmission enthusiast but i think an auto would be better suited for the present situatuion. What do u guys think??

Please let me know...Peace

posted by  albarr

Dude, I answered your question in the domestic forum.

posted by  Bino

Thanx but i posted this Question on i dont know how many forums.

posted by  albarr

the talon and eclipse are the same car the only difference in the body but i 'think' body kits are interchangle able between the two. as far a mods its all the same but talons will always be a bit cheaper cause the dont have the following of the eclipse. as far a swappint the body so it looks like an eclipse the price of that would level out to the price of an actual eclipse its silly to do that. i think talons are sexyer and less known exery body has the eclipse get the talon

posted by  8G Galant

I posted a huge reply to this question in the domestic forum. But, I'll add a bit to it.

As far as the difference in price between the Talon and the Eclipse, it depends on which years you are looking at. The '95-96 Talon and Eclipse are more closely priced, I'd say the average difference is probably in the $1500-$2000 range. But, the cost of converting the Talon to an Eclipse will cost in the $500-$1000 range, so you're really money ahead there as well.

Now, if you happen to be looking at a '97+ Eclipse/Talon, the price shifts a bit more. I looked at a 70K mile '97 Talon TSI AWD 5spd and the price was $8K, all available options, really clean car. The closest Eclipse I could find to that was a '98 GSX 5spd for $12.5K with 90K miles... clean car as well though. And the cost to convert to an Eclipse still stays the same. Plus, the rearend of the Talon looks better than the Eclipse anyway... so your Eclipse conversion may end up costing a lot less... if you happen to agree.

In my mind, the biggest kicker to the Talon/Eclipse argument is the cost of insurance, which, if you're going to own the car for an extended period of time, will really add up. For me (under 25), the Talon was $200 cheaper to insure per year than the Eclipse (say you own the car for five years, you've paid for the Eclipse conversion and some mods).

posted by  Bino

Thanx again guys for posting the replies to the forum. Bino thanx again for the info for insurance. I'll be looking for a Talon & finalizing a deal next month.

Peace :thumbs:

posted by  albarr

The 95-99 DSM's came in variant of Talons and Eclipse's with slight exterior differences. Aside from the rear end and spoiler on sone Talons, the average person would'nt be able to tell the two apart. The 95-96 DSM's have a streamlined front bumper with what people would refer to as a "smile" shaped openining to the radiator. The 97-99 DSM's have what would be referred to as a "fish" mouth radiator opening. The 97-99 Talons have a very spade/shovel shaped fromt air dam to match the boomerang/limo spoiler. Again the 97-99 headlights have a different profile and most aftermarket lights are made to fit the later years.

All 95's have EPROM ECU's as do SOME 96 DSM. EPROM means that the ecu can be reprogrammed. However, later cars cannot so you are stuck with the factory ECU

A few of the 95 DSM's have vented read disc brakes. However, with this you will not be able to add aftermarket brakes to any 95 with vented rear rotor because no aftermarket suplier stocks them.

Eclipses usually have a higher resale value than Talons

This is where you should pay attention. There are several different trims on DSM's and not all of them have the same motor. 95-99 Non-turbo coupes have a motor made by Chrysler and will not work with modifications that are intended for the turbo model DSM's. For this reason you CANNOT convert a non-turbo by bolting on turbo parts. The 95-99 non-turbo convertibles have another 2.4L mitsubishi motor. There are really no aftermarket modifications for this motor so if you're looking to modify your engine save yourself the trouble of an expensive motorswap and buy a turbo DSM to begin with.

I will have to warn that the 95-96 7-bolt motors are known for crank walk. This is a problem in wich the crank moves within its housing and rubs against the berring and CPS. Not all of them have them and I've only known a few to develope this, but its more common among 95-96 DSM's. Keep in mind that any engine can have crankwalk so don't let this deter you from buying a good car.

There are 3 different engines available. Make sure you get the turbo model, or else you'll be shit out of luck with modifications.

If you own the turbo Talon then yes all the parts intended for the turbo Eclipse will fit your Talon. All of the bodykits also fit with minor alterations..

THe ESi's are'nt as powerful as the TSi turbo and with the ESi you won't be able to have the modability on the performance as you would with the Turbo motor.

Again there may not be any or little mods available for the non-turbo engine in the ESi, however the rear end "conversion" can be done for little money. Assuming you're going to pay a body shop I'd advise you buy your own parts.
You'll need the bumper and the spoiler wich can be bought for relatively cheap on DSMtuners as people install bodykits all the time and have no need for the old bumpers. If you're looking to re-doo the entire rear end including the headlights you're going to need to take it to a bodyshop wich is going to cost upwards of $400 to attach and fit the bumper/rearwing. Then there will be additional cost for the area where the license plate is located wich will probably need to be swapped with eclipse lights and bondoed over to make the fit look factory.

posted by  DSMer

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