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my question is...will universal 10 lug rims fit on my 4 lug 93 civic.....any help would be great, thanks

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posted by  mazda6man

1. If you only want to have rims, there won't be any way to to attach it to the car. On the other hand, if you want to install an entire wheel...

2. Do the math Einstein. A 10-lug wheel won't fit a 4-lug hub because there are too many holes and they're spaced wrong.

Rims (with tires installed); . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This is a wheel! :banghead:
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i love the never ending wheel rim battle... you vw, you have me gettin in rediculous arguements at school over the subject now... :thumbs:

posted by  mazda6man

But... Are they more ridiculous than the dude shaking his groove thing in your signature?

BTW, it's not ridiculous to be right. You know the correct terminology now and are trying to help them learn. It's not your fault they're stupid.

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Does that make any sense? If you have a box that can hold 4 apples, will it hold 10? No. You have 60% more lugs than you can have. :banghead:

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Don't confuse yourself. The wheels (THEY ARE NOT RIMS) are dual pattern drilled. If they are 10 hole dual pattern they are for a 5 lug hub with 72 degree spacing. If you have 4 lug hubs you need 90 degree spacing regardless of the PCD.

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you can hold 10 apples if you stack them right... haaha... sorry, i had too..
but yeh.. the more correct thing to say would be can you fit a square block into a cylinder's hole... (refearing to the toy incase someone for some reason has no idea what im saying) no you cant...its made to fit the one thing and not the other

posted by  mazda6man

No the correct thing to say woule be. "It just won't fit" Stop tying to analogize everything. Hobo allready gave a simple solution. If you need a wheel that can fit 90 degree spacing of 4 lugs and you have a wheel with 72 degrees spacing it just won't fit. 90 does'nt equal 72....

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That's Napolean Dynamite. Funny independant movie...

Ok, we can return to the regularly scheduled idiocy.

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you know what i meant, i just wanted to put it in the metaphorical term... i like doing that...

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That is a great movie! *Hits Rico's car with a grapefruit*

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ok first of all let me say this....EVERYONE that drives knows wat rims are...when they use the term RIMS they mean the whole wheel and everybody knows that..so stop being a smart ass with your little stupid comments trying to make people feel dumb..they know what wheels are but we prefer to use the term RIMS because it sounds better..every driver knows what your refereing to wen you use the term RIMS...and second of all..he sed UNIVERSAL 10 lug you stupid ass....if a UNVIERSAL 10 lug doesnt fit a 4 lug then wtf do they make 10 lugs for..no car has 10 lugs you dumass...i ahve a univeral 10 lug rim and yes it does fit my 4 lug car.

posted by  vuhuynh109

What makes you think it "sounds better?" Is it THAT important to defend being a dumbass? if you know it isnt' right, then why defend it as BEING right?

UNIVERSAL means 2 5 lug patterns on it. There are 10 holes in two patterns designed to fit most 5 lug hubs. THAT'S what they make 10 lug holes for, dumbass.

In order to fit a 4 lug pattern, there would be a 5 lug pattern and a 4 lug pattern. That's 9 holes, idiot. And if you useed one hole over, then it would have 8 total holes.

Here's a diagram for you:


The black and green circles are 5 lug patterns of different bolt circles. That gives you 10 holes covering cars that use both patterns (and often they are slotted slightly to give you a range of 5 lug patterns). The red circles are a 4 hole pattern. There is NO way to put a 5 lug pattern, even a dual pattern 5 lug (giving 10 holes) on a 4 lug hub, as you can clearly see.

You MIGHT be able to get a 5 and a 4 together using one hole slotted to fit, (but that's LESS than 10 holes total on the wheel.). Usually you'll see dual pattern 5 lug (giving 10 holes) and dual pattern 4 lug (giving 8 holes). Here's a dual pattern 4 lug:


Here's a dual pattern 5 lug (10 holes). Also considered "universal" fitment. No way to get it on a 4 lug hub:


here's some "universal" 10 hole wheel spacers with slots to fit any 5 lug pattern.


But it can't fit 4 hole pattern due to the way 4 lugs are arranged. 4 and 5 can't be done on the same wheel.

So, it's been proven that you guys simply want to argue with the people that actually KNOW anyting, because you don't like being proven to be dumbasses. Unfortunately, it's the argueing that PROVES you to be dumbasses.

Now, in order to be proven to NOT be a dumbass, go get a picture of your 10 hole universal wheel on your 4 lug car and post it.

I'm waiting.

You simply don't have a 10 hole universal wheel on a 4 lug car.

posted by  ChrisV

It's basically the best movie of all time....

Kyp: Yeah right, like anyone can even know that Napoleon.

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