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i am 13 and wondering car to get. i am thinking a 94 civic? whats your take?

posted by  ciVicman

Well...what's your budget and what's your goal? I mean are you looking for an economic car? A car good for racing down the drag strip? A car for high speed performance events (road racing)? How much money we have for the car, for mods, etc?

posted by  NISSANSPDR

i want a good lookin car with good milage. i'm lookin to spend around 3-4000 maybe 5 tops. civics seem to be good cars even when they have high miles. so theres a price range

posted by  ciVicman

93-96 del sol (the 97 doesn't have fog lights, I think)

posted by  Accord_Man

depending where you live you can get a $5000+ used skyline down under

posted by  ahoo

I dont know much about skylines but where on this green earth would u find one for under 5K and what would be wrong with it no engine or trans?

posted by  8G Galant

Yea...not in the US...you cant get a Skyline for that cheap...if you lived in Australia...you could get a R32 RWD for around that price...but he doesnt...lol

For 4k...you can pick up a S13 (89-94) 240SX...RWD, light, nimble and plenty of aftermarket mods you could possible imagine. If not that...you could also pick up a 1st Gen MR2 Supercharged maybe...very light, nimble and good plant to work off. If not that...AE86 Corolla (84-87 IIRC)...RWD, very light, also great plant to work off of.

So dont think just b/c you got only 4k you gotta get a FWD econo-box...you can get some sports cars...well...the Corolla is not a sports car but it's RWD and light...so I think it definitely can be one.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Dont bother getting a civic. Everybidy has one. Depending on your budget go for an early ninetys 240 sx. Or a 3rd gen prelude. Integras are always good but theres alot of them too. Accordss aren't that great. If you got more money u might wanna go with an Eclipse or an early nintys supra. Or a celica. Theres lots out there you just have to look.

posted by  JDMprelude92

price range on a mr2?

posted by  ciVicman

Anywhere from 100 bux up to around probably 4k...all depends on condition of the car (body, interior, motor, suspension, chassis/frame) and the miles it has which is a bit related to the condition of the car...but doesnt mean much sometimes...

You could have a 250,000 mile car that is in top condition and have a 60,000 car that has been ragged to sh!t.

Myself...I have a '90 300ZX w/90,000 some odd miles...it should in reality have around 150,000 miles if we go by that the average driver does 10,000 miles per year...so for a 15 year old car...my car is in top notch condition

posted by  NISSANSPDR

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