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Hi i was looking into geting a new car and selling my truck. anyways i was looking at a 98 eclipse GS spyder that has 117000 miles on it, they are asking 6500 for the car the way it is. but i can pay 7000, that will come with 17 inch mitsubishi rims and low profile tires. the stock rims that are on it now are 14 inch or something they are small and the tires are not that great. The car is in great shape runs really good i got to test drive it today, their isent any body damage. the only problem with the car i think is the brakes they are not smooth when you use them but they dont pull at all, and the belt makes some noise when you first start it. but anyways im just looking for a fun car to drive and gets better milage then my truck and this car really got my attention.

posted by  dirtking_4

its a good price but thats alot of miles for a 98 depending on how it was driven it may die soon. are u buying from a dealer of private party if its a PP sterotype them to assume how the car was driven. was it all highway miles or was it city driving. that belt can be fixed for like $40 and the breaks replaced by u for like $100 but the milage is what i would worry about

posted by  8G Galant

the car is from a dealer, and it seems to me that the car was mainley used on the highway but thats what i was told anyways i dont know if it is true. im glad to hear that thoes repairs wont cost me to much if i decide to buy the eclipse

posted by  dirtking_4

Go for it dude I know a guy who got onw for about that much and he loves it. As for the brakes check the rotors because they may be warped

posted by  JDMprelude92

yea im hoping that the breaks arent warped i will have to get it checked out before my final decision. yea i bet he really likes it, it was a blast to drive and it looks really good to

posted by  dirtking_4

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