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Alright, So I crashed on a turn I shouldn't have, cuz i've seen 1 bmw, 2 mr2's, 1 civic, 1 300zx Non-turbo and my buddies CRX.

Bah, I was way over-zealous tonight. Man If it wasn't for that turn I would've won the touge (mountain pass) race. It was a low-speed touge race, 25-40mph turns with some straight-a-ways up to 65mph. I just bought new tires today for the fun-run too grrrrrr. 205/50/15 Front Nakitas(i think?!), 195/50/15 Rear Pirelli P700's.

Well here's how it went down, 2nd gear smashin 4000-7000rpm in turns, 3rd gear in the straight-a-ways. I knew I was over when i hit left lock and still went straight up the mountain caught air and came down at 35mph+ luckily the chucky sidewall tires didn't blow... My steering wheel shakes like a mother ****er 50mph-65mph Right after 65mph it stops shaking. And it slightly pulls to the left.

I'm thinking it may be the tension rod (allows adjustment for caster) Or I might've bent the spindle. I'm hoping nothing to bad with the unibody.

I've had to replace the main cradle (lower control arm attachment point) and front cradle (tension rod attachement point) on a CRX before... But for me I'm aiming torwards more of a suspension **** up.... (i.e. spindle, lower/upper control arm, n' tension rod)

Sorry for the long post, but any of you have any ideas?

posted by  ohn0itsnate

That sucks dude...I can't really help you out as thats never happened to me. But I hope you get the car fixed.

posted by  Zalight

If you had sway bars on it they might have been bent. Or the shocks may Just be really skrewed up. Another posibility is when you landed you threw rverthing out of alighment. So you might want to have everything re aligned

posted by  JDMprelude92

Thanks for the replies.

1. A shit load of mud was on one spoke... Threw balance way off causing the steering wheel to shake along with the whole car.

2. After landing I did throw a few things out of alignment. Still pulls slightly to the right.

But hey plus side is it made my nasty negative camber a lil more positive hahaha. So now I'm leaning torwards only caster/camber **** ups.

posted by  ohn0itsnate

Ideas? Yeah, I've got some ideas. From reading your post you are obviously a candyassed, wannabe, poser, street racer (an oxymoron of the highest order). Enough of that. This is not an idea, it is simply a fact of life.

I hope for your sake that you don't live anywhere near one of my family members and if you do that you never hurt one of them with your stupid little past time. Be forewarned. If you or anyone like you does anything to harm someone I love, I WILL hunt you down and make you sorry to ever even thought about racing on a public road. Got it? I hope for your sake the answer is yes.

posted by  vwhobo

Street racer okay, Thats why I race on secluded mountain roads anwhere from midnight to 2 am. Any normal civilian wouldn't be caught on that road at night.

And please, don't shit talk on the internet. It's pointless, it doesn't prove how big of a man you are or how high your testostorone levels are.

And yes please keep assuming, judging stating definitive facts. Because it seems to me like you KNOW everything.

Touge Ethics, stay in your lane, if at all you move into the other lane you loose. Seems to me you like horizontally opposed engines, looks like a subaru... Oh you must fancy AWD.

Stick to the forums, Cuz it seems to me like everyday you spend at least 5-10 minutes on the internet talking on the forums for the last 2 years of your life.

Grow the fcuk up, please.

Stay in your line and i'll stay in mine bitch. And if your 'loved' one can't seem to stay in there lane. It's a definite NO.

posted by  ohn0itsnate

I get it. You really are that stupid and deep in denial, aren't you. How exactly did you "crashed on a turn I shouldn't have"? I know, because you were "way over-zealous tonight".

You are a danger to society and to yourself. Now I honestly don't care if you kill yourself as it would help to cleanse the gene pool. But the bottom line is that you are "racing" on public roads. That makes you the lowest scum on the earth. Be a man and take it to a track Twinkie.

To coin a phrase, grow the f*ck up, please.

P.S. I'm not talking shit. Give me your complete vehicle description and directions to where you race. I'll be happy to fly out and show you how much shit I'm talking.

posted by  vwhobo

Having a little negative camber can be good for handalying/cornering right?

posted by  CarEXPERT

Which is exactly what you are doing.

You "loose"? Apparently you did, as you couldn't stay in your lane.

Wow, 5 or ten whole minutes a day, eh? Why do you assume only KIDS have 5 whole minutes a day to spend on CAR forums? So adults can INVENT the web, run the web, INVENT the machines that USE the web, INVENT cars, BUILD cars, BUY cars, but adults can't be allowed to want to spend 5-10 minutes a day ON the web talking about cars?

YOU grow up, assclown!


In order for you to have crashed, you lost control and left your lane, so apparently it has nothing to do with whether or not HIS loved one could stay in THEIR lane, but the fact that you are doing something you're not skilled enough at to keep from crashing. Which was the effin' point. You already proven YOU can't stay in YOUR lane while doing this, otherwise you wouldn't have crashed! Apparently you're in enough denial that you can't admit that fact enough to understand why people would be worried about your skill levels when you're near other people on the road...

posted by  ChrisV

Let me explain, it was a left hand turn. Therefore it was the outside turn, Unless his "loved" one was driving on the side of mountain.

It's very dangerous to do this for obvious reasons. Almost every turn is a blind one on the touge. No matter what conditions you are driving in on the touge there will be blind spots and unknowing drivers around. Most drivers are not expecting to see cars in their lane coming at them head on and neither should you

I didn't cross into the "other lane" the on-coming lane.

People crash, big deal. You learn from your mistakes. Then you don't crash again for the same reason. It's called pushing yourself past your limits and then learning from it.

Oh vwhobo i drive a primered Gray CRX Si, 1 3/4" x .125 DOM Round tubing Bent and Welded by Me, 15 x 6.5" rims 205/50/15 front 195/50/15 rear. Actually why don't you fly over and talk shit to me in person.

PM me I'll give you my address.

posted by  ohn0itsnate

You have mail Twinkie.

posted by  vwhobo

vwhobo, your accually gonna waste your time and money just to talk shit to him? Damn you love talking shit dont you hoboy.

posted by  CarEXPERT

And you just got f*cking lucky that it was the outside, not the inside, which it could very well have been. Or are you telling me you're so f*cking good at it that you actually can CHOOSE where to lose control at? Give me a f*cking break, assclown.

Well, there should be a rule about NO CHRASHING AT ALL. Or are you saying you can choose where you're going to crash? Man, sign up for F1 right now, because you're apparently more talented than any other driver on the planet, being able to choose where you are going to crash, and all... Of course, if you CHOSE to ****ing crash, and were good enough to choose WHERE to crash, then why are you here bithing about HAVING crashed?????

And it's very dangerous to leave the lane on the OUTSIDE, as you could crash, or bounce off of something and spin back into the oncoming lane,

Oh, right, you're so talented that you can choose where to lose control so that doesn't happen. And IF you lost control and hit an embankment on the outside, then you'd be still IN control enough to make sure you didn't hit anything spinning back into the oncoming lane... Right? Riiiiight.

Hey, assclown! If you could control not going into the oncoming lane, then you could have kept from crashing at all!


But you COULD have. The fact that you lost control and crashed shows that you could have lost control and went into the oncoming lane on a turn where the oncoming lane was ON the outside, idiot!

Intelligent people do that on the race track, so they don't run the risk of hitting someone else.

Were you wearing a helmet, moron? One push past your limits off an embankment without safety gear and you don't get to learn anything but how to drink your dinner through a ****ing straw for the rest of your life. Or worse, you lose control and cause someone ELSE to live like that. Because unlike your f*cking cocky attitude, you don't GET to choose where you lose control! What part of this don't you get?


posted by  ChrisV

Just a quick update. It's been two weeks since this interaction and surprise! No PM or additional posts. Gee, I wonder why.

posted by  vwhobo

thanks for that intelegent update. NOT

posted by  CarEXPERT

hey look, car expert has 942 posts of pure garbage. thanks for your updates spankie.

posted by  carls47807

ok if you said it was a low speed race how come you crashed? oh and some really smart person thought of the brakes, u use it to slow you down if you didnt know. you go slowly in a race to estimate how fast you can go on it the next time you do, not floor the car and smash into something then say "hey i never thought of slowing down on that turn i think i should next time" and waste your money fixing up your car. also one last thing...there are race tracks for a reason.

posted by  ahoo

i think someone has been watching too much best motoring videos :doh:

maybe he managed to fix up his crx and crashed again :2cents:

posted by  fudge


I don't understand why people race on public streets. Can't they at least take it to a private road? Or maybe a giant parking lot and set up cones?

Maybe they just want the thrill of danger, regardless to other's lives. In that case, cut out the other's lives part, and just try waving a knife closer and closer to your throat without cutting yourself. That'll get you the thrill of danger!

VWhobo, you seem especially hostile to street-racers. Have you had a personal experience, or is it just something that's soo stupid, you have to come out as hostile against it?

posted by  Godlaus

as dangerous as it is street racing will always be around. Even professional racing drivers such as keiichi tsuchiya was doing it-until he had his driving license banned.

Touges are still a popular place in Japan to go drifting and racing.

posted by  fudge

its the adrenaline rush lol ok i cant talk im not driving but i do have a pocket bike which are illegal and i love driving it round the streets. its a rush that the track cant give me. another rush would be the $800 fine but that rush hasnt come yet :mrgreen:

posted by  speed_freak

Sounds like someone's been watching too much Initial D ;) Love the show, but I wouldn't recommend trying it in person (mountain pass races), it's just plain stupid.

posted by  ThirdeYe

People race or drift on Touges usually because:

They rather race where they want, when they want
The nearest race track is too far away
Track days usually only happens once a month, Touges are opened all the time
They don't want to pay £150+ each time
They are dangerous :mad2:
Racetracks don't offer the challenges that a Touge impose(blind corners, tight switchbacks, off camber etc)
It's where some drifters originates from

However the risks of getting yourself and others seriously injured or killed are significantly greater than on the track and also it's illegal. I'd rather go to an arcade and play on Initial D instead or save up and join a motoring club that organises hillclimbs and sprints.

Even Initial D shows the dangers of street racing especially when Iketani totals his S13.

posted by  fudge

Or when Shingo kamikazes into the guardrail? :P

posted by  ThirdeYe

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