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I'm looking for a full urethane body kit online somewhere. Not much luck so far, a lot of fiberglass and maybe one or two urethane but only the front bumper, I can't find the side skirts or the rear bumper in urethane at all. Anyone know where I can get a full urethane body kit for a '99 Accord, I'm looking for the R34 Front and BW back. Thanks.

posted by  CorruptRay

i dont know for sure but andysautosport.com is awesome and has many diff. brands

posted by  ciVicman

Urethane is a type of primer are you just looking for a ready to paint part?

posted by  BlueWhiskey

Urethane is a type of plastic. Most modern bumpers are made of a form of urethane. That's why they flex.

As for a urethane body kit, the tooling for them is extremely expensive to make, unlike a fiberglass mold (tooling for a urethane part is generally 4 times as expensive, thoguh the tooling lasts longer). So you're going to generally see urethane limited to smaller parts like side skirts and add on air dams, not to complete bumper covers and body kits. And especially not to complete restyle kits like to put Skyline forms on an Accord. It's simply not cost effective enough for the aftermarket, like it is for major manufacturers..

Urethane also doesn't hold it's shape well without a lot of support, and it's generally heavier than fiberglass. So using it for large body panels is simply impractical.

posted by  ChrisV

Well the urethane has alittle more give (flex) then fibreglass but once its cracked it cannot be repaired but fibre glass kits can. They do make urethane kits its just trying to find them thats harder to do, but i'm not sure if they have the R33 or R34 kit for the front.

posted by  car_crazy89

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