Honda Accord 98 starting problems

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It still running but sometimes car dies while driving. Can't start it from 1st attempt, but when I hold key on III the engine seems to be running. Once released, it shuts off. Mechanic diagnosed and replaced ignition cap, wires and distributor. Didn't help ! What can it be ? Should I take it to "Honda" dealer ? Please advise !

posted by  Anastacia549

Could possibly be a failure with the fuel pump, not pumping enough fuel to keep the engine running.. a blocked pipe or a split connection could do this, as well as if the air/petrol mix is wrong. With a newer car I would check the petrol pump before worrying about air intake.

posted by  Osiris

Thanks !

posted by  Anastacia549

sounds like a bad ignition switch. there is a recall out for these. you need to contact a honda dealer and give them your vin number to check and see if you have an open recall

posted by  turbonick1

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