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Hello everybody, just to let everyone know who is talking i'm 17, in high school and saving money to buy a car at the end of this year or beginning of next year. I would really like to get an import because i like them a lot better than domestic cars. I don't know too much about cars but i would like too learn as much as i can about them because i would like to buy a car and work on it. I'm probably going to have around 5 or 6 grand for my first car but i would have a steady income of about 5 or 6 hundred a month. I would like to get an eclipse because parts are easy to find and they are supposedly easy to work on. I would like to know if i bought one withought a turbo what i would have to replace to put one in and also what would give me good hp for not too much cash. I would also like to know if it would be better to buy a supercharger because it is more efficient at lower rpm or so i heard. I don't plan on doing any racing but i would just like something that when i see some punk in his mustang gt i can burn him like a thanksgiving turkey. thanks a bunch for the help


posted by  addicted2speed

OK, for a Mitsubishi/Eagle, don't buy a N/T and think you're going to do a turbo swap easily and for cheap. Now, you could turbo your stock 420A motor (basically same motor as a Dodge Neon) with a Hahn or other aftermarket turbo kit, you could do it yourself, but honestly you don't sound qualified (no offense meant). I would HIGHLY recommend getting a GST or FWD TSI if you think a turbo is in your future. These cars respond very well to an intake, exhaust, and a MBC (Manual Boost Controller). It's very easy to swap on a 14b from an earlier car, or a 16G or something. A GST can be had for well within your price range.

If you're thinking you can just swap in the turbo motor, be prepared to drop a lot of cash/time/fabrication. They're not the same motor, they don't use the same motor mounts, you can't just change the motor mounts, and they don't use the same ECU, fuel pump, etc. It's a big swap, and not worth the time.

If you want to boost, get a factory turbo'd car, it'll save you a lot of headache, and it's something you can work on with relative ease and learn as you go w/o getting in over your head.

posted by  Bino

Buying a GST or GSX and working on the stock turbo and engine would be much easier and affortable than buying an GS and buying a brand new turbo.

posted by  SirusTHeVirus

thanks a lot for the replys. I have a couple more questions though. What do you mean by swap in a 14b from an earlier car? OH and no offense taken but no i am definitely not qualified to put in a turbo. What Parts should i put into the car then. I was thinking about a new exhaust, boost controller, headers and cold air intake. how much hp would that give me, how much $ and what brands. Sry but i'm just such a big newbie. and also could i put those things in myself or should i have someone else do it for me? Thanks again


posted by  addicted2speed

If your new to it.. I would definatly go with getting some one to do it for you, although it could cost you alot. Not in an attempt to rip you or anything, but for a first car, I would go with something a lot slower and with alot less power. Learning to drive.. unless you can allready in something fast is dangerous IMO.

posted by  Osiris

OK, turbo cars don't have headers, and four cylinder cars don't have headers (they have a header). A 95-99 GST will come from the factory with a Garrett T25 turbo, which is probably more than you can handle at the moment. Stick with this turbo and put a turbo-back exhaust on it, maybe an aftermarket intake, but definitely a K&N, get a MBC and turn the boost up to say 15-16 psi and learn to drive that. The 2G exhaust manifold is more than you will ever need, so don't think about changing it, it would be a waste of money. The 14b that I referred to is the Mitsubishi turbo that came from the factory on 90-94 Manual transmission turbo DSM's. This turbo has taken people into the 11's in the 1/4 mile and is still very responsive on the street. If you do think you need to upgrade, don't go bigger than a 14b, or a small 16g (also a Mitsu turbo).

posted by  Bino

I forgot to answer the second half of your post.

OK, so everybody who first buys one of these cars asks these exact questions "first mods" type questions. You shouldn't care how much power it will give you, go by seat-of-pants feel and don't start bench-racing with all your Honda buddies. You are new to cars, so you should drive it for a while stock and start putting on your go-fast goodies slowly.

To answer the which products etc questions, do some searches on The answer to all of your questions are already on the board. There is also a "Parts Catalog" on the site that can give you a good idea of what to buy and what not to buy.

If I sound a little abrasive it's only because I don't want you to go out and do something stupid and hurt yourself or somebody else. Hopefully you end up in one of these cars, they're great IMO.

posted by  Bino

well to start out on a good note i got 150$ bucks from my bank today cause paypal screwed my over but my bank got it back. But anyways i was talkin to a friend at school and said he would help me when i get my car. he has a wrx and has done a lot to it and knows what he is talking about fairly well. He said that i should either get a gsx or gst. the only difference is the gsx is awd. What are the benefits of awd compared to fwd? I assume that because the gsx has 2 more wheels spinnin on the ground it has more traction and and is faster off the but you can't do donuts and it weighs a lot more, besides They are pretty hard to find and i live in the chicago land area. And when i did find them they were anywhere from 6-8 grand but what should i expect. I would like to spend a little less than that maybe 4-6 grand so i could have some money for hop ups. So i was just curious which one would be better for me given i am not an expert, i'm seventeen and i have a fairly tight budget, not too tight but i'm not loaded by any means. thanks for the advice

posted by  addicted2speed

i dont think you can do donuts in a FWD car :banghead:

posted by  jasonk

You can do donuts in FWD cars... in reverse. And you can do them in AWD cars as well... they're called Axis-Spins, there's vid's all over the net of guys doing them in Audi's and Syclones/Typhoons. Yes, a GSX is more expensive than a GST. But, IMHO, if a car's got a turbo, it should have AWD... or RWD. You can launch much better in an AWD car than a FWD car, but the top end of a FWD car will be better than an AWD car (Less gears the engine is turning). If you're planning on drag-racing or driving in slick roads get a GSX. If you want something that gets better mileage and still is quick (but from a roll), get a GST... plus they're cheaper.

posted by  Bino

Hey guys, I'm in the same boat as addicted2speed. I'm 17, bout to graduate from my JR year in HS. My sister just game me her 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS with quite a few miles on it. I also have an income of around $400-$500 a month, but I make my own hours so i could get more if i need it. From what I hear and read, the RS is a pritty shitty car, but this is what I got and this is what I'm gonna work with. If this was your car to mod, what would you guys do to it. Also, I'm pritty comftrable with the tools, but deffinatly not qualifide to do any major fabrications or anything. I'm mostly looking for the small stuff that I can do, but will still make a bit of a difference, mostly performence, but I also care about looks. Any suggestions would be great. thanks

posted by  icepro33

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