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I have to get a 6 or 4 cylinder car that gets about 30 miles to the gallon. I want it to look stylish and I want it to be fast. I'm on a budget from 10 to 13000. I'm use to a lifted truck. What should I get?

posted by  BlueWhiskey

Well approximately what year are you looking for, like older or newer? I think pretty much any import car (ie. Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, etc.) get about 30 or more MPG and some of them are stylish (depending on what you like) and have many performance parts that you can add to get more speed and better gas mileage also. Would you prefer domestic or import?

posted by  car_crazy89

I know nothing of cars besides most of them with v8s. I don't really want a car besides a BMW but I can't get the only one I want because they're too expensive. But I've got some buddies that work on their import cars all the time, and they're kinda fast. So I figured if I want good gas mileage and one to play with I'll get an import. I know nothing of their small engines or what horsepower is a lot in the lil cars.

posted by  BlueWhiskey

find a nice supra for that price :hi:

posted by  ciVicman

I beg to differ :wink2:

check out www.ebaymotors.com

there are plenty of *nice looking bmw's that fit your price range

posted by  mirot

No 6 cylinder cars get 30 miles per gallon. You need a 4 cylinder if you want it to get around 30 mpg.

posted by  ed_7702

Actually a 6cylinder car could.... The VW Passat v8 Turbo managed to get 40mpg when road tested in the UK, and thats a Petrol

posted by  Osiris

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