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OK.. so it has been discovered Im a noob to the world of hi powered cars. I have never owned a turbo before, and could do with a few tips. First off... its a 94 model Subaru 2L Twin Turbo... what octane rated fuel needs to go in it?
Next.. is there any driving tips to get the maximum performance from my car?

posted by  Osiris

I don't know what they have available in New Zealand, but you should run as high of an Octane as you can. I can only run 92 Octane here in Oregon (that's the best they sell at the pumps). If you can buy 101 Octane at the pump, do it. If you're trying to save money, anything in the mid 90's Octane wise should be fine. If you happen to take it racing... run the highest Octane you can. But not alcohol, that's bad for the fuel system.

posted by  Bino

Really? Why don't you explain in detail to all of us why you "should run as high of an Octane as you can". Be VERY specific. Then we can tell you why you should only run the octane you need.

posted by  vwhobo

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