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sorry bout this but iwas thinking how would a ford(sorry) probe be for a fist car? i am probably gonna spend up to around 4ks. or anyother cars would be appreciated. i know i already posted a similar one but more advice would be appreciate.

posted by  ciVicman

what year is the probe? my uncle owned a ford probe, had no problems with it. looks pretty good for its year to. but for 4k, i would prefer getting other cars. if your into 2 door coupes, u can find a late 90's eclipse for 4k.

matterfact, my close friend just purchased a 01 V-6 gt eclipse with 80k miles on it clean for 5g's.

posted by  Ki2AY

For a first car.. personal preferance is something that is complete and absolutely crap. Be it european, import or whatever you want.. you buy something crap, no power steering, no ABS, no electronics, your going to teach yourself to drive properly, and when It comes to more power and a nicer car, you don't have to worry about in experiance.

posted by  Osiris

ford? good one :clap:

posted by  Accord_Man

shut up jackass

posted by  ciVicman


posted by  Accord_Man

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