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I've been looking at getting a second car recently and have been disappointed in a few I've found until I came to the 1988-1990 (maybe not sur about years but first model is what i mean) MR2. I know it's a 2 seater that is mid-engine real wheel drive which I like. I also know that it also lacks HP but so does the miata, but it is extremely light and good on gas. Does anybody have any concerns or know of any problems with the car in general?

posted by  240SXSR20DET

it may lack some power, but the car itself is very light, so the puny power is made up for easily with the weight. personally, i dont like the first gen MR-2 since i can barely fit myself in them. so tall ppl have problems with them. other than that, i honestly dont know of any problems with them.

pros? oh, lots of them. older toyotas last even longer than the newer ones. the first gen MR-2 had a supercharged version come out and it can be modded quite easily. actually, just a few tricks and u will have a very nice ride. just dont crash.... u will really not want to crash in one of those small things.

posted by  Inygknok

Hey it is a Toyota man. no problem ever happens to these cars. But check before what kind of driver the person was before buying the car. Plus ok it lacks a little in power but just check with TRD you will lots of fun things to had to your car to make it more GO.

posted by  TRD_Corolla

Might be overlooked, but some people have a hard time adjusting to the Mid-Engine RWD setup. Its not quite like a RWD because there is little to no weight in the front and spinning out in bad weather is very easy. Just to take into consideration it won't be like any car you've ever driven.

nygknok, makes a very good point about not crashing in such a small car.

posted by  DSMer

just wondering whats up with you and TRD? are you obsessed with it?

posted by  ahoo

Not that I am obsessed, who knows your car better then the people that build it? I love Toyota, so ya TRD is always the first place that I look, and most of the time the last place. :thumbs:

posted by  TRD_Corolla

Well TRD is just a performance devision of Toyota. Like Nismo from Nissan or AMG from Mercedes. They don't actually "build" the Toyota cars, they just make them better by adding upgrades to it. Being obsessed with TRD is just like saying you're in love with TEIN because they know your car because they manufacture suspensions for them. It does'nt quite work like that...

TRD engineers, and builds Toyota performance parts. Not necisarily the cars themselves...

posted by  DSMer

actually, TRD doesnt really make all of the things they sell (like most companies out there anyhow).

its always nice to have the back up of the company that actually "specializes" in parts for those applications.

still, would be nicer if companies with actually start doing more of their actual own work :(

posted by  Inygknok

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