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so yeah... crashed my '90 civic DX, which I'm not too happy about :doh: it happened when I was driving too fast, and it was raining out (heavily) and a certain ramp I was traveling onto (covered exit between highways) was actually wet inside, which I didn't expect. so my car started to slide out of control, so I thought I might be able to drift it back into control... that didn't work out... I struck the left wall at medium force, and it threw my car to the other side and crashed into the wall :banghead: so my car was pretty much totaled, in the front. got rid of it since I live in an apartment, can't keep a car parked for longer than 3 months is what the owners said :cussing: so in the market, I've been looking into a 1994 Nissan Sentra LE-2door (GA16DE) . they have good high end gas mileage, and pretty nice low end.

20 minutes later...

I just looked at the car. the guy who brought it asked me to drop a $200 deposit if I wanted him to take it off the market (yeah right :P) seemed kind of fishy that he never kept paperwork for all the repairs and maintenance on the car (every car owner who hopes to eventually sell a car should keep ALL paperwork on it), and he never changed the spark plug wires. he's asking for $2500, but I'm unsure if I want to pay that much. the front tires are really worn, the back tires not so. there is probably 3-4mm of tread on the front tires :orglaugh: so I might negotiate the price a bit, depending on what the mechanic says. speaking of which, he started to act really funny when I asked if I could take it into a mechanic, but he said "as long as you pay for it..." so I will take it into the mechanic. the engine block looks kind of dirty, like it has a lot of corrosion on it. there is also what appears to be an oil leak on the bottom side of the block. I appreciate if anybody would throw in their :2cents: :thumbs:

posted by  VertigoPills

you can get access thru your computer to the kelly blue book, get the trade in value and work a good price from that base. also there might be a recycler in your area, or ebay, or private party sales. dealers need money to support their business, any used car normally has a 500.00-1000.00 profit margin for the dealer. also cars at auction that have been checked or certified ready to drive is good. take a friendly mech with you to check the car out before you buy. good luck.

posted by  doug wong

Hey man don't bother with the sentra. Even though civics are oK the sentra is like a step down from that. Especialy if your a tuner. The sentra is kindof a chick car. Stup up not down. :thumbs:

posted by  JDMprelude92

A good point.. Sentra is nothing speical. Civic's are ok, but have you considered moving into some thing turbo? GT Starlet make a good first turbo, and still as quick as hell too.

posted by  Osiris

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