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Hey I was wondering if anyone has any experience owning these and if so are they worth it or a pain...Ryan

posted by  Ryan1001

I haven't personally had any, but i saw an Accord the other day with them and they looked awesome. His didn't look like they opened the smoothest, but they were still cool. From what I've read, some kits are pretty hard to put on, and some you even have to know how to weld. It really just depends on the kit that you buy. Sorry I could'nt really help you much.

posted by  Nickboxer7

Some things are worth it even if they are a pain. it all depends on what your personal goals are.

They dont' make the car any faster or handle any better, or even look differnt while driving down the road. But they also don't make the car really any heavier, so they don't negatively affect it, either. YOU have to make the determination whether or not living with them is worth the investment to get the look you want when opening the doors.

I've done the suicide door conversion on mini trucks, custom VWs, and '50s customs. It's considerably more work, but again, I think it's worth it for the custom look when you get out of the car...

posted by  ChrisV

If its a show car then I would say that its woth it. Or if you have an obsession with your car I would do it.

posted by  JDMprelude92

At $1100 for the cheapest kit I've seen that are reliable I'd be tempted to make my own and have them made at a machine shop. Not only can you make the measurments to fit your car exactly you can use your factory hinge holes. This is what the basic "Lambo" door hinge systme looks like...

I would'nt suggest making them on your own, unless you got the tools to cut the metal brackets and weld them to create the desired shape. I've seen lots of custom hotrodders that create their own custom suicide door hinge systems rather than pay for a $2000 kit.

posted by  DSMer

What would be more expensive and harder to do, suicide doors, lambo doors, or gullwing doors? And also which would be more efficient (ie. in small spaces like a garage or parking space)? I personally like the look of Gullwing doors but it seems to need a lot more stuff done to make it work right.

posted by  car_crazy89

DSMer where did u get the picture of the hinge and is there more with more detail or measurements. Cause im in luck my dad owns a machine shop and they can laser cut all the hinge peaces. Who knows it could be something to look into. I know they make hinges in dialy production so it wouldnt be that big a deal i wouldnt think. Thanks for any info you can give.

posted by  j-derrickson

Judging by the picture floor tiles are almost always cut 12x12. So if you figure that into the equation the hinge looks to be about 14-16" tall. Ultimately you are going to have to measure where the top and bottom door hinge bolted up in order to properly fabricate a door hinge and how long a piece you'll need for the doors to go up vertically. Here I'll show you in a picture.

Generally the fender has to be modified to properly house the door hinge without incessant rubbing. However, if you were to fabricate your own door hinge system such a process could be diverted. Now keep in mind the complete physical operation of a Lamborghini door hinge. The door opens in its natural horizontal position for about roughly 12 - 18 ", then the door can be lifted vertically. Remember, out, then up. This would require you to fabricate not only one but two individual metal pieces. One piece connect the original door hinges and another piece that will connect to the door itself.

Because there is no hinge or bracket that will allow the door to move vertically and horizontally(there may be, I'm not a Mechanical Engineer but I've been told there is not hinge), you will have to design a series of a bracket that function much like your normal door, stopping after a set distance of travel. Then, you will have to attach a circular bering to the end of the piece that connects to the door. This will be housed inside of a piece that connects to the hinge that allows the door to open horizontally. You can order bearings off the Internet with ball bearings in them to make the door open smoothly.

Sounds difficult huh? Well no one ever said it would be all sweet and sugary. Welcome to the world of engineering and car modification where bolt ons are like scratching your testicles. These kits can be easily over engineered. Try not to over think the situation, if you see an easier way to create it try so. Make cardboard diagrams that actually work. You're going to probably screw up at least once before you get this right. The gas shocks can be purchased anywhere online or from eBay. Be creative but not cheap, after all you don't want the kit to malfunction.

posted by  DSMer

thanks agian for the time you spent to explain.


posted by  j-derrickson

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