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I have a 94 Honda Civic HB and am wanting to just add a little power. Has anyone tried the Helix Power Tower Plus? It says it's supposed to do a lot, but I don't trust it.

Also, has anyone put headers on their Honda? DO you lose a lot of gas mileage or not. That's what I'm worried about, especially since gas prices just keep going up. And did the headers give you noticeable HP gains?

posted by  Nickboxer7

Has anyone tried headers on their car? I thought that most of you probably had, but nobody has posted yet.

posted by  Nickboxer7

Just the name of the product feels like it would add hergatroids of power. :wink2:

Headers (extractors) do increase power at certain revs, but don't expect earth shattering changes in performance. Standard exhausts may or may not be restrictive to flow, but they are contributing to engine performance. They will give you a nice note, which has to be worth some street cred.

posted by  Wally

The only people who've ever "produced" more power with the Helix spacer is their ad agency. Well, they produced something anyway.

As for the headers, a properly designed system will actually increase your fuel economy because the make your engine run more efficiently. Of course then it's up to you to keep your foot out of the throttle.

posted by  vwhobo

Well, you would be putting a header (singular) not headers (plural) on your car. As Wally stated a Header can be used to increase HP at certain RPM levels. A common thing for people to do on daily-drivers is to use a tri-y header which will not give a large peak at one RPM but two smaller peaks at differing RPM's which will act like a broader power range. A header should give you more power and shouldn't have any adverse effects on fuel mileage (except that you'll have your foot in it more :laughing: ).

In theory the "helix" intake thingy's could give you some form of a gain. The gain occurs because they are aiding in the mixing of the air/fuel mixture and therefore allowing a more complete and even burn. Which in theory could give you more power and better mileage. On a Honda it seems like there's too much in between the gadget and the combustion chamber for it to really do any good. But who knows.

posted by  Bino

Thanks. The info helped. I also already knew about the one header for my car, not headers. I thought that headers would make your gas mileage a lot worse, but I guess I was wrong. I was thinking about getting Chikara (Hedman) headers, have you heard anything good/bad about them?

posted by  Nickboxer7

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