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ok ok.....im new but yea....today my damn battery or atleast i hope it was my battery ****ed up bcuz i just dropped a friend off at home and turned my car off and for what reason i dont know but i did and then i tried to start it...and my car wouldnt start everythin would rotate but the damn car wouldnt start so i figured my battery is getting weak but anyways to the point....i got a jump and the car started up....but now my damn stereo is askin for a ****in code and i didnt know what the the code was so i started guessin at it........ and it gave me 3 tries and then the stereo just shuts off...so i call a dealership and ask what to do....and they said to leave my car in the accessory position for an hour and the code thingy should come back up but yea has this ever happen to any of yall if so plz tell me what u did

posted by  Eclispe2k5

I've never had it happen, but in my Civic Manual it said something like that about the stock tape player. I don't remember what it said to do if you forgot the code, but I'll look and see what mine says. I don't have the stereo anymore, so I can't see if mine did the same exact thing. I would just think if the memory wire was unplugged, it would forget the password, but I'm not the expert on car stereos.

I hope what the guy told you works.

posted by  Nickboxer7

i left it on for 2 ****in hours and did nothin happen it stayed the same so tomorrow imma go to a dealership and see if they can help me out but damn i dont know nothin bout these new cars and all their electronic crap

posted by  Eclispe2k5

The Infinity head units in the Mitsubishis, well at least my Diamante, have a 4 digit antitheft code. I don't know why because you'd have to be a fool to steal a stock head unit that won't fit into your car, but you should have a red card with white lettering that has the 4 digit numbers. As far as I know you are permanently locked out of the stereo and will more than likley have to buy a new one...

posted by  DSMer

see thats what i found out............. cuz it was askin for a 4 digit code and i didnt know nothin about it so i just put numbers in and after the third try it ****ed up...... now when i push the power button on the display screen it says "OFF" so yea i know that im basically screwed out of a stereo for awhile til i get a new one but damn why the hell does it need a code bcuz like u said who in the hell would want a damn factory cd player

posted by  Eclispe2k5

I don't know why anyone would want to steal a factory cd player(I would be furious if somone stole my factory head unit). Although I fear this is one of those cases where you ask why in the hell would they have a warning sign that says something so blatently obvious it would'nt need a sign to justify that said action to be unsafe. Well someone somewhere had to be stupid enough to try it, else they would'nt have a warning sign. Just as someone somwhere has stolen a factory cd player.

posted by  DSMer

ok i called a mistubish dealership and they said for me to leave the car on the accessory position for an hour and it should let me put the code in again but that shit aint workin

posted by  Eclispe2k5

You should check if your thermal sensors are OK caus. My Honda does that form time to time because it over heats. You should also sheck the thermostat and the radiator.

posted by  JDMprelude92

Thermostats? What the hell are you talking about? He wants Radio advise.. and his thermo is going to have nothing to do with that.

I know how crap it is to have a factory radio go, but I know there is a way to change them, some cars it works, some it dosn't. Have you tried disconnecting the battery? It should reset the stereo.. then you will need your 4 digit code. :ohcrap:

posted by  Osiris

just tried that shit earlier still didnt work its ****in gay cuz i thought the same thing if i disconnect the battery it should reset it but it sure didnt

posted by  Eclispe2k5

Grr.. As I said before, the Infinity head unit, or stock Mitsubishi head unit, has a locking code. What this means is that there is an internal memory chip within the head unit that will not allow the it to be disconected from a constant 12v source without shutting down. Once shut down it will ask you to imput a code. You have 4 tries to put this code in correctly, after the 4rth try if it does'nt get the right code the head unit will internally set its defense mode one.

This means that you WILL NOT be able to operate the radio unless you take it to somone who specializes in the security technology of the Mitsubishi head units that can reverse the process. If you could bypass the security by leaving the car on in accesory position what would be the point of having that security option if a thief could do the same? You'll have to take the car to a MITSUBISHI dealership and see what solutions they have to offer...

That is ALL you can do. Nothing you can do involving the cars electrical system will change the internal memory on the headunit. It is locked out. Point Period...

posted by  DSMer

yeah!!! the ma'****er is workin!!!! i went to the dealership they gave me the code when i gave them the serial number to the stereo they told me to put the car on accessory and leave it there for an hour and dont mess with it dont turn the car on or nothin or the timer will reset and i would have to wait another hour........so i waited an hour-put the code in and now its workin

thanks for yalls help

posted by  Eclispe2k5

i know this is a little late but anyway,

the oem chip that controls the security settings cannot operate properly at very low temperatures so chuck the unit into the freezer (in a plastic bag) for the night.

in the morning (while the unit is still frozen) connect it up and keep trying until the unit powers on. enter any code and youre away :thumbs:

posted by  fuseburner

They do NOT lock permanently (as our poster discovered). I've had this exact same experience. But, I discovered that leaving the car in the accessory position also works if you leave the car running/driving continuously for an hour. All that matters is that you don't cycle the key away from the accessory position, it doesn't matter if the car is parked or running... just FYI.

posted by  Bino

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