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Tough decision...350z or evo...which would you pick

Later mods to take into consideration..window tint, exhaust, wheels

I appreciate any input...thanks

posted by  hausieb33

I would still take the evo. mr .

now if it was a fully loaded g 35, id go for that.

posted by  Ki2AY

Window tint? WTF

The Evo is better in almost everyway...has more room, it's already turbo, it's faster, handles better, has two extra seats, two extra doors, weighes about the same...

I wouldnt get the 350Z if I was also considering the Evo VIII GSR. The price difference is negligible (give or take 3k) but for what you get...priceless

Evo hands down.


posted by  NISSANSPDR

I would personally go with the Evo. AWD, 4 Cyl Turbo, 5 seats, faster.

posted by  abless

Evo all the way! It's faster, more practical, and also Mitsu offers more discount and longer warranties. Plus ther are too many 350zs out there. I see at least 3-5 of them every day, But I hadrly ever see an Evo. That makes the evo a more special ride!

posted by  ed_7702

Go with the EVO (if its an mr) because its cheaper. And it is a way cooler car then the 350

posted by  JDMprelude92

EVO, hands down

posted by  Osiris

Since everyone is picking the EVO, I'll go with the 350z. It's always been one of my favorite. If you compare stock to stock, the evo will have advantage over the Z, but if you have serious money, i'm pretty sure you can turbo charged the Z with greddy turbo kit, and have it runs in the 12's with just bolting it on ( i believe that is what greddy said on a car magazine somewhere, you have to check with them). The torque are more and high end are also greater than the Evo. It also comes with 6 spd tranny, when Evo are 5spd. Get a 350z Track Version with big nice brembo brakes if you are getting one. They are the top model i think. For the handling, a 4wd will have the better grip though. Unless you're into drifting, then the Z is the way to go. But if i have the money to choose, i would choose an 2004-2005 Subaru Impreza STI Spec C, those things are cool. But that's just me.

posted by  TiCKD

the 350Z to me is the murderer of GODZILLA (including G35), evo all the way. i just dont like the 350Z or the G35 nothing personall, just absolutely ugly

posted by  ahoo

How does the single turbo work with the V6 350z engine?

posted by  CarEXPERT

The same way a single turbo works on all the turbo-diesel pickups everywhere.

posted by  Bino

OK, so if you buy a 350Z and drop a lot of money into it, then it'll be faster than a stock EVO... good logic. If you take that same chunk of change and put it into performance on the EVO it'll own the 'Z. EVO is a better all-around performance car and is more useful as well (4dr., etc). Given that the EVO is factory turbocharged it'll be much easier to increase the power output with limited monetary input. The EVO MR comes with a 6spd.

I'm on the fence about the new Skyline (G35).
A) They're casting the RB26DETT I6 to the curb, which really sucks
B) They're actually sending this version of the Skyline to the states :hi:

I think the 2dr. G35's are sick, pricey, but sick.

posted by  Bino

Evo, day in and day out.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Yeah, I'd go with the Evo, but I read in Road and Track or Car and Driver I think that they were not very reliable...Anybody else hear about this?

posted by  chris_knows

I'd take the EVO any day...One of the best cars out there IMO. Have you guys seen the prototype for the 2007 Evo X? I think it looks pretty sweet.


posted by  Ghost

It kinda reminds me of some Japanese cartoon creature.

posted by  car_crazy89

It will be interesting to see what it actually forms into though

posted by  Ghost

I agree, seeing as how its pretty much only a concept and most cars turn out alot different then what the concepts look like. Even if the concept was a much better looking car.

posted by  car_crazy89

Yeah...It would be cool if the designers kept the look of a concept car, just once, and put it into production...such as..oh, I dont know, the concept Skyline perhaps? hehe...now thats a thing of beauty

posted by  Ghost

Its too bad they discontinued the Skyline and instead made it the G35. Its kinda like the concept Camaro, i'm hoping they keep it looking like the concept. Thats if they even make it or not. Chevy would be doing the right thing by bringing out the Camaro and would put pressure on Ford again (about time).

And by the Skyline concept which one did you mean? Was it the first or second of these below:

posted by  car_crazy89

Well duh, the 350Z is the best choice...which one is going to have the most recognition power to the average person out there? Plus, in corners, the 350 pwnz the EVO. And it has an awesome sounding exhaust note.

posted by  hondaman

I agree...I love the Camaro, I almost cried when they discontinued it...and I meant the first one you have there

posted by  Ghost

The evo was fairly exoensive to maintain, something like 44 cents a mile. The 350Z they ling-term tested was the first year, so it had some problems, mainly the transmission going at 25,000 and the clutch at 50,000. The 350Z, for them, was cheaper to maintain, but not by much.

posted by  Godlaus

i agree with the EVO thing, but what exactly is an Evo VIII GSR :confused:

posted by  nissanTFsx

imo evo is a pos. at its heart its still a 4door econo car...besides, rwd>awd. go for the Z, a tt or single turbo setup will yeild plenty of gains. Its far more stylish, and its a legendary sports car. Its more than an evo can ever imagine to be...

posted by  boostOn

350 z you can make them fookers fly

posted by  google.com

I would probably say the 350z, more displacement. more potential. But how would you run a single turbo? It has dual intake manifolds.

posted by  TurboLag

I considered a 350z for a while but strayed away when i found out there really hard to mod N/A. A bunch of exhaust systems for the car lose hp since This car is so well tuned from the factory. I did read about a guy on cardomain that made 293 rwhp n/a with 7500 dollars. Now you could put that into an evo and make it insane. The "mods" you said you where going to do to the car gave off a sense that you werent the "performance tops all" kinda guy. If your lookin for a sexy car that performs decently go with the 350z if you want a performance machine go with the evo.But be aware they are very expensive to maintain.And for whoever said that rwd is better than awd. WhAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKIN?

posted by  Enthusiast

Were you talkin to me?
What does N/A stand for. Somehow i have a feeling I already know, but i can't muster it up. Its like 1:30 am here.

posted by  TurboLag

N/a means naturally aspirated.( no turbocharger or supercharger) no i was talking to booston he said rwd>awd.

posted by  Enthusiast

Ohhhh, yeah that makes sense. I shoulda known that, now i feel stupid :laughing: . Thanks! :thumbs:

posted by  TurboLag

I would most definetly pick evo. because it looks nicer and is a smooth ride...!

posted by  inam

Evolution all the way. But be warned, with the cash you are shelling out, don't expect a nice interior. Inside, they both feel like crap. Inside the 350z its all crappy plastic, hell the doors are completely barren of any design. The Evo's interior looks exactly the same as the econo-lancer's save the momo steering wheel and the Recaro seats. Both are very expensive to maintain, and guzzles gas. The 350z has more potential since its N/A, with a larger displacement, but the Evolution comes with white knuckling, blood pumping, adrenaline triggering ,turn on a dime fun that you may not be able to get from the 350. The useful 4 door, fun, rare factors are too hard to overlook. Go with the evo! Just my 2 cents.

posted by  aerith

The funny thing is I have that pic as my wallpaper on my pc :smoke:

posted by  99integra

What pic?

posted by  aerith

Of the TL in your sig

posted by  99integra

Ohh, cool. You like it as well? I chose it over the G35. The interior is ALOT nicer. Haha.

posted by  aerith

My uncle finally bought one 4 days ago, it is a badass piece of machinery, if you drive it, it feels like the Integra's handling which is pretty tight and is so luxurious :drool:

posted by  99integra

Did your uncle buy the 6-speed or the AT? I have the 6-speed, came with Brembo front system, LSD, and the super-slick honda trademark smooth shifting tranny. People said they would rather take the RWD G35, but you're sacrificing a lot, im saving like 20%-35% on gas, with a roomier interior built to a better quality, a higher resale value, and only sacrificing 10hp, RWD, and 30lbs of torque.

posted by  aerith

The 6 speed :drool: Fully loaded, I love driving it, if they weren't expensive then I would get one

posted by  99integra

Fully loaded? With the A-spec package as well? *Drool* i want the A-spec package, but damn! 5000 CDN dollars is a lot to shell out for a couple of spoiler pieces, wheels, and shocks. Yeah, the price tag is quite high, i wish they outfit that engine with the SH-AWD system in the near future; that would be my next car. :smoke:

posted by  aerith

I think my next car will be the STI but I would have to sell the majority of my cars to buy one, and it would be an 03 or 04 because I don't like the newer front ends
And yes with the A-Spec package

posted by  99integra

I would take the 350z. One, because Mitsubishis are JUNK ( I dont trust car companies that make food prducts), and 2 because they look better :smoke:

posted by  FordFromHell351

Do you mean the new SAAB look alike front ends? I'm sorry, but that thing is ugly! I would wait for the Evolution X, new platform, but too bad the Evol is never going to come to Canada. So, that leaves the STi, i guess i would choose an STi, but they go for around 50k CDN here, thats with tax and everything. That's a lot of money, i would rather get my car for that, more practical :D.

posted by  aerith

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