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I have a 240sx with ka24det. I have: a garrett T28, 370cc injectors, 3" downpipe and exhuast pipe, and many other things. Does anyone know what is the max boost for this engine without cams, piston, or any engine upgrade? And how does it perform on 1/4 mile? I never really have time to go to a track and run. Thanks.

And one more thing. I do know about the SR20det, rb25det, and all those other engines, but I just wanted to do something different than that.

posted by  TiCKD

if anything, i highly respect ya for going on a different route than most other ppl.

as for the mods, i dunno. u should check on some 240sx forums.

posted by  Inygknok

i know its just my opinion, but i hate the ka motor... its a nissan truck motor!, that being said, i wouldnt go much past 15 lbs... that may even be to high..., but i really dont know when it comes to the KA

posted by  mazda6man

It's not a truck motor...it was in the S13 b4 it was in the Frontier...it's a myth

Check out my buddies site TickD

www.ka24development.com (his name is Brian...really knowledgeable)


www.ka-t.org (for more general help)


www.freshalloy.com (Advanced 240sx section)

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I'm planning on doing a custom turbo setup on my ka24de. Any hints or anything you've got that can help the proccess out a little? I'm not going to be replaceing my manifold, just adding onto the stock one. I'm very good at welding so that part isnt an issue. I've got some subaru 1.8l turbo's lying around the shop i work at so im thinkin of useing one or maybe 2 of those. I'ma get a walboro 255 pump and a s-afcII for fuel management. I've been told that the stock injectors and maf can hold up to 240hp. I'm only gonna be running 6-7psi of boost so not much extra help will be needed. A guy at my shop said he know's how to run all the lines and stuff but he might be kinda sketchy. Little help can go a long way. Thanks for any advice

posted by  akinaspeedstars

See above posted links for help and resources on KA-T setups

posted by  NISSANSPDR

omg... inital d is about to take over our forums... noooooooo!

posted by  mazda6man

I'm not sure about the ka24de, but for my ka24e there isn't a turbo kit out on the market, you'll have to build ur own. It's been brought up in the forums before but if you wanted to go different you could try a remote mounted turbo, it's a little different and may not be as efficient but will be a lot cheaper. Which basically attaches the turbo under the car to the exhaust and running an intake back up to the intake manifold

posted by  240SXSR20DET

To avoid something like you could always just swap in the KA24DE...that would avoid alot of trouble...plus I personally like the DOHC better and a buddy of mine who had a SOHC did the swap and now has a KA-T 90 240SX

posted by  NISSANSPDR

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