1990 toyota runs rough until its warmed up

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I have a 1990 toyota tercel that I did an engine swap in, it runs rough until it gets warmed up, then it runs great. Almost seams like a choke problem. If I start it and take off it will run like its on 3 cylinders (its on all 4), and if I have to stop for a light Im all done, the car will stall and it will not start almost like there is no spark or its getting flooded. left me stranded a few times! is there a sensor for the choke that would cause this, please help, had to walk home this morning!!


posted by  berkmillionare

i see two engine's carb and fuel injection
on fuel injection it shows a cold start injector
on carb cold enrich breaker and fuel heater

did you check the timing if so did you
carb model disconnect and plug vacuum advace at distributer
fuel injection jumper the computer terminals to get base timing

posted by  osborste

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