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Just yesterday, after driving my car for 20-30 minutes, varied conditions (city/highway), I was unable to maintain the idle on the car unless the accelerator was lightly pressed to hold 800-1000. Once i released the pedal, the engine would stall out.

The vehicle is a 1995 626 DX, 2.0, manual 5 speed, 93K.

I had to double pedal to brake and hold idle to get home. After the engine cooled 1-2 hrs, it would start and idle (a little rough) and then it died as it warmed up. I could hold the Idle at 1500 and tun on A/C which would drop rpm to 1000 and back up again when A/C turned off.

This morning, with a nice cold engine, the car started up right away and held 900-1000 rpm warm-up idle and drove fine until starting to warm-up. Same problem as yesterday.

I suspect IAC failed or sticking, is this good first start to clean and see if resolves? Also gonna try battery disconnect for 30 minutes to see if can reset.

Any first step ideas appreciated.


posted by  tomslick_wa

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