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I was looking into buying a set of 17 inch rims for my 86 accord. It has stock 13inch rims on it right now, I was wondering if there would be enough clearence or if i would have to change anything?¿?

posted by  jarvisx2000

take a big piece of cardboard, and cut it to about 19 inches or so. tape it to the wheel and go for a ride.

posted by  carls47807

It depends on the size of the tires you put on them. I would say it's possible to put 17" as long as you put tires are thin enough to fit. Also wanna make sure they arent too wide either...if too wide the front tires will hit the backside of the fender when you make a u turn

posted by  ed_7702

should fit. get low profile tires

posted by  ciVicman

you forgot to include paint it aluminum colour :laughing:

posted by  osborste

out of curiosity what color is the car? any upgrades? a system?

posted by  ciVicman

I just bought the car it has 180 000 km. it is completely stock with the 2.0L fuel injected motor, I don't have a system in it, just a cd player and sony speakers. It is grey.

posted by  jarvisx2000

If you have any suggestions on how to make this car faster let me know, this is the first honda or imported car of any kind I have ever owned, I have always drove chevrolet. I took the car to the track yesterday and it consistantly ran 18.1 s at 76 mph, that seemed pretty good to me for a stock 4cyl but i dont know how fast it should be

posted by  jarvisx2000

ur 17s should fit just fine. i have 18 inch icons on my 00 civic Si. dont go for big rubber do a nice low profile, itll give u a good look, and also make sure u fit the clearance room

posted by  CivicSi

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