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i was reading and saw this

"Despite its creditable 147kW output, the Australian Integra Type R isn't the stormer it is in Japan. In its homeland, the Type R engine has - among other things - a higher compression ratio and different ECU mapping, giving it a very healthy 162kW. So why are we being ripped off 15kW, you ask? Simple - Australian fuel doesn't have the octane rating of the brilliant Japanese stuff."

does that mean that u cant import japanese type r's ?
that if i use australian fuel it will ruin the engine ?
--is this the same for american cars too ?

posted by  n00b

You can import JDM Honda Integra Type R


They import them

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Hold up a minute, isnt Type R already from japan JDM?

posted by  CarEXPERT

Yea...JDM means Japanese Domestic Market...so a JDM car is from Japan. But we dont get alot of JDM cars here...some exceptions are the Skyline GTR's that are imported and ones like these...that are here thru an importer or are here illegally.

I dont know if that company imports to Australia...the fuel should be fine since they have Skyline's down there and Silvia's too

posted by  NISSANSPDR

cool thx,
and if i put australian petrol in it it wont ruin the engine or nething ?
whats this octane rating thing that guy was talkin about ?
cause we have silvias n dat here, but i dont think its the japenese ones.

posted by  n00b

If you have Silvia's there...and you dont think they are Japanese...then where the hell they come from? The sky? Course they came from Japan

The fuel should be the same...provided you dont try to put diesel in a gasoline engine car...

Octane ratings...well at least here...it goes like this

93-Premium (the best usually for high performance/turbo cars to prevent pinging/knocking)

I have seen gas stations have 91 and 92 octane...and I hear there are 94 octane ones too...also you can find LEADED 100 and of course you can buy 116 leaded octane but those last two are race fuels...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

yeh i kno they came from japan. :P
ive been readin on it a little more and i tihnk the japanese type R / silvias have different engines to the one's sold in australia/america..
apparently they r able to have more power bc japanese petrol have octane rating of like 100+ or sumthing while ours is in the 90-95 range so they put a better engine in the japanese model.

another question i have.. cause with all this "japanese model" and "other" im slowly getting confused of how many kw the type R has for each model.. lol

for non japanese model, from 1996-2004 = 147kw ?
or was there a stage when the type R was 142 kw ?

thanks to anyone can clear this up for me :D

posted by  n00b

jdm integra iz jus an rsx ... lil different mods tho

posted by  4g63

JDM integra looks WAY BETTER than the RSX...i hate the looks of the NEW CIVICS and RSX's...they are too high...too UGLY IMO...no offense to owners of these cars...but seriously. I love the older looking ones...96+ civic and 94+ tegras...

posted by  nissanTFsx

The local BP servo near me has 91 octane for its standard ULP.

posted by  windsonian

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