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I was just wondering....... Yesturday, i told my friend that I was plannig to add NITROUS to my enngine ( D16Y7) stock honda civic dx with 106 hp. So he told me that i was crazy, that i was going to blow my engine. Is this true? and if it is what steps should i take to make my engine handle the nitrous system? I was thinking of getting the kit from NITROUS WORKS, or VENOM, which one is better?

tnx in advance for any comments.....

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posted by  ckoolburn

well, it actually depends on how big of a shot of nitrous u plan on using....

too much and yea, u could pretty much blow up ur engine.

eventually, the engine will wear out and just become useless because the nitrous does cause more wear on the engine.

things u could do? well, reinforcing the engine is a great step (probably the smartest and safest too).

n i would just go with venom since its the one ive heard of more frequently.

posted by  Inygknok

There are some systems out there that put out 4 times as much power as your engine makes. Your engine probably isn't quite ready for n20 yet, though. I dunno if I would start with nitrous in a economy car, probably aim at a turbo and accesories if I had the money. Is cash an issue?

posted by  Godlaus

Nitrous will work, just not large amounts of it. You'd be perfectly safe to run a 35-40hp shot but 50+hp would be pushing it.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Haha blow it up.. That reminds me. A few buddies of mine had this 92 RX-7 that was turbocharged I believe. They used to load the thing full of nitrous take it to the track and bet on it. The car would run low 11's almost everytime but the engine would be cooked. They'd take the money they bet on it and use it to buy another JDM engine and dot it again the next week. Nitrous can be fun kids :mrgreen:

posted by  DSMer

that's the exact same thing my Honda/Acura specialist shop does. They have gone through 6 13b-rew engines using just nitrous as a mod... been in several cars though, Datsuns and RX-7's.

posted by  thunderbird1100

on a stock D16 u got a long line of mods before i would go with nitrous. Id chip it do all the bolts on u can including forced induction and wen u run out of easy horsepower reinforce the engine b4 adding quick hp like that. And personally i would suggest Venom, Nitrous Express, or Zex

posted by  CivicSi

Explain to me exactly how forced induction, ie. turbo setups, and engine internals are easier/cheaper than simply adding a nitrous kit. I'll be waiting for your explination, good luck.

posted by  DSMer

wow, tnx for the comments guys..... I asked the question, because I'm a high school student, and dont really have the money to go all out on mods, and N2O seemed like the best, cheapest way to go for a couple of hundred bucks. :banghead:

posted by  ckoolburn

Yeah, same thing here, except I wouldn't even consider trying to get more power out of a FWD economy car. I'd just save up for a mod-worthy car, such as the V6 stang, Camaro RS, MR2, Supra, etc. etc. It's always possible to get a cheap economy car like the civic to run tens for a fairly small amount of money, but I'd rather go with a more sporty car. (Mostly because of RWD)

posted by  Godlaus

oi dont bother. 106hp HAHAAHAH. Thats pathetic, i could ride a bike faster than that shit box. No wonder u need NOS..AHAHAAHHAH

posted by  bigv8

useless posting by bigv8...not mention thread reviving.

Oh yeah, and 106hp is about 100 more horsepower than you can put out.

posted by  Godlaus

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