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i was wondering...if a car gets reposessed because of behind payments.. do they keep it forever or do you get it back wen you start paying the payments.???

posted by  vuhuynh109

The car will be reposessed, but you will be able to get it back by paying the overdo fees and additional fees that the bank or dealership had to pay to reposess and store the vehicle.

posted by  DSMer

guy before me is right.....thats bad news.....ur credit is gonna be screwed.

posted by  civisi99

ya that sucks but if u get to far behind the bank will sell the car to cover their losses so u beter hurry and pay up

posted by  8G Galant

A lot of times they will require full payment other words the total amount owed to them for the loan. Depends on the place where you financed it.
And to add to what others have posted..........if you dont get it back, they WILL sell the car. Then, if it sells for less than the remaining amount of the loan, you have to pay the difference.

posted by  norice

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