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wats better infiniti g35 or evo VII. im lookin to buy a new car and i want a fast car, a customizable car .PLEASE HELP

posted by  MoB YuNGuN

I would think of getting the evo because of it being fast stock but can be customized. It is also a lighter car.

posted by  99integra

i dont like the G35, too ugly for my taste, plus slower than the evo. go evo jpg

posted by  ahoo

I'm gonna go against the grain and say G35 Coupe...

Dude have you ever seen one in either pearl white, black, or that vibrant red? They are super sexy and the exhaust note is amazing

I can just imagine one w/some nice 18's or 19's...either BBS RC's or Volk SE-37' get the point...slightly lowered about an inch

then to follow w/a supercharger to put down a modest 350rwhp or so


It's gonna have a better interior than the Evo and look a helluva lot nicer on the outside (ie not a rice boy's wet dream)

This is my friend's G35 just to give you an idea that they can look good (not my favorite color but still clean)

posted by  NISSANSPDR

i just dont like the vertical lights, plus my dad owns an evo 5 GSR so im naturally going for the evo anyway

posted by  ahoo

id say G35 cuz i honestly feel it has more potential in many ways, except the capacity of holding more ppl than the evo.

i bet it lasts longer, and it surely looks better too.

and im already kinda tired of all the this vs this threads :banghead:

posted by  Inygknok

Could'nt agree with you more. These threads are such bullshit. What idiot goes to a bunch of people, whom he does'nt know, to inquire about the purchase of two $35,000 cars? Seriously? If I he or she honestly had that much money to spend on a car, they would be at the dealership discussing this with a car salesperson. Not with a bunch of people who don't own the car.

I have been secretly suspecting that these threads are created by 12yr old kids that want to have something to discuss with older kids so they can be "cool". Seriously, any thread with the name VS in it should be automaticly deleted or prohibited from being made in the first place. You want some comparsion go to or J.D. Power. You'll get all the comparison you want.

posted by  DSMer

well, if your tierd simply ignore it plain simple. thre is no rule about posting a thread about car A vs car B.

honestly, i like both cars, but if your in for speed and if your thinking of getting a g35, why not just think about getting a 350z and scratch of the g35. i know they use the same engine, but isnt the 350z a lil lighter?

posted by  Ki2AY

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